Krovikan's Let's Play

After a taking a month off of Stonehearth (okay a bit more then a month), I jump back into the recording Alpha 7and having a blast as usual.


Hey man - I usually skim through your videos just to check them out. The new look is good on you!

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Thank you :slight_smile: everyone has been very positive about the new look, should have done it sooner.

Back in action as we build up our Kingdom and fight off the evil goblins. We finish off our fence and get some more buildings and roads up.

The new patch breaks our town and we have to start over, finding an interesting bug that allows us to double our starting resources and Hearthlings.

New look for my thumbnails, so my viewers can identify the different series easy when looking at the Channel Video view on Youtube.

In this one we go nuts and setup our quarry, move our mason workshop, build the mason a house, add a wall, expand our farms and expand our road system


I love watching your videos! I’m happy to have subbed. :smile:

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Thank you for the kind comments :smile:

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We do a bit of clean up, and start working toward shepherding in today’s episode.


I think the face cam is a little unnecessary, other than that really good videos.

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Thank you, I have mixed reviews on the face cam, I have tried it without and just didn’t like it. I’d like to get some shelves in the background and put up some geeky stuff like my giant borg cube to spruce the background up a bit.

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I say a face cam really isn’t practical. Just because you’re not doing anything which requires facial expressions. I could maybe see it in a horror game, but not ordinary games. People want to watch for game play, I feel like the face cam takes away that. Just because you have to always make yourself look interested in what is happening, then that takes away from game play, Just saying, who knows it may just be a good trademark. :slight_smile:

Well the Saturday episode didn’t go up due to losing my system drive losing the game save and my thumbnails. So, we update to Alpha 8 and all the goodies it comes with. :slight_smile: (We also break it a bit)

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In this episode we start working on our dining hall and farm house as we start a huge make work project for our Hearthlings. Digging out rock :slight_smile:

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We set up our carpenter as we realize our military is just not going to cut it anymore, so we need to expand it.

In this episode we get our mason up and running and finish our road way up to the mining area.

Wanted to let everyone know that the changes to the Stonehearth and Factorio schedule this week will be permanent, the new channel schedule at 3:00PM MST will be:

Monday: Stonehearth
Tuesday: Factorio
Wednesday: Stonehearth
Thursday: Classified
Friday: Factorio
Saturday: Stonehearth

Now on to our regular scheduled programming :smile:

In this episode the 18 Hearthlings of Doom visit us and as we try an get our village blacksmithing technology.

(I actually hid a the topic of our new Thursday show in this post ;))

This episode we start working on our shepherding as we am forced to make a tough decision.

(hmm thumbnail is messed up, must of clicked on the wrong photo, it is Ep11 not 10 :))

We are forced to restart the kingdom so in this episode enter a new valley and setup a new kingdom.

In this episode we setup our clothing kiosk and farming production, we also discover some changes to the road system.