Let's Play Series

Hey guys i’ve started up a Let’s Play on my channel. Come check it out…hang out…and tell me how bad I am at this game :wink:

But in all seriousness let’s play/learn together!! New episodes released on Stonehearth Saturdays!

SOOOOO loving this game


Here is episode 5 where we make plans for the city of Wintershire and start on our Market Square!!!


Episodes 6 & 7 we deal with some bugs with the Pre-Alpha 8 branch!!!

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Episode 8 we rebuild Wintershire!

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We start up a new series after we end up breaking Wintershire… :frowning: BUT now we make Goldside!!! Sounds richly promising!

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In episode 2 we start making workshops in preparation for BLACKSMITHING!

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We FINALLY start doing something with the blacksmith in episode 3…with many bugs and chops in-tow!

Discussions about the future of Goldside…and Alpha crashes!!! Woo hoo!!!


So I derp around this episode…cause I’m tired and not thinking

Time to make some shiny stuff