Alpha 3 video (gameplay)

Made a short gameplay video of stonehearth!
Check it out, Feedback is appreciated(even negative)

-Thanks Rayocku


No homo, but you have a really wonderful voice!

I loved the episode, it demonstrated some of the new stuff added, you should really think about just making a series and keeping one settlement throughout the series. Unless you have to start a new one with every update. Other than that I really enjoyed the episode.



Nice video! It’s certainly better than what Pewdiepie can do.

It really showcased some of the many features of the Alpha 3 version of Stonehearth. I hope to see more from your channel. I enjoyed the video, and also, nice work!


Haha, those comments legit made my morning!
Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

Good video, you got a charismatic voice, you should do more video in the future.

The only negative side for me was your stockpile, the OCDness inside of me wanted to change the size and alignment of the thing. Beside the fact I almost die of an heart attack, good stuff dude, I would watch future video if you ever make some other !

Thank you alot!
Next video ill make sure to fix the stock pile:P Im trying to get some traction on my vids, so ill update this post when i post more!