Stonehearth Alpha 8 gameplay

I have done a nice little video outlining the features and gameplay in the latest alpha. I think it turned out quite well. I must say that i am really enjoying the game at the moment and i feel at this point the game is somewhat playable as an actual game and not a tech demo. This being the reason i choose now to do the vid.

If enough people respond well to the video then i will do more with Stonehearth. I was thinking either some game play at important milestones or when the game is released a lets play.

What do you guys/gals think?


though i don’t have the time right now, i definitely will watch this when i do!

Cool. Well its not going anywhere haha :smile:

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Did you get a chance to take a look? it seems to be doing ok on the old tube but would love to hear some comments/feedback

gah! sorry, my life has been a bit “hectic” for the last while and i totally forgot! :anguished:
when things “slow down” ab it ill watch it.