PCGamer about Stonehearth

So i was surfing the net now and i found this review of the game.



Stonehearth is attempting to dabble in a number of different genres, with elements of city and civilization building, strategy, simulation, resource management, and RPG trappings, all in a procedurally generated fantasy sandbox setting. I think they just went down the list of popular Steam tags and checked all the boxes.

Best quote ever. Can we get any confirmation / denial from Radiant on this?


Seems like a pretty good review of the game so far. Engrossing, but buggy and missing a lot of features. As to be expected for an alpha.


I thought this was nicely written. Not just because they said nice things or the fact that they didn’t just keep screaming “minecraft clone”. It seemed like the writer took the time to get to know the game, acknowledge the faults, see the potential, and looks positive towards the future. Glad to see that the game is getting press and more people are starting to get into the game :smiley:


I agree with @Hogwartscat point that no one was screaming the “m” word
once this game becomes famous we’ll officialy become stonehearth hipsters!


but i dont wanna be a hipster…


Fine then we will become a:
#Stonehearth elder!
#####(better now?)


yes… much better :sunglasses:


I’d say I’m more of a stonehearth connoisseur :wine_glass: :smirk:


If only he had known that you can cancel mining tasks, by going into the Zones menu and clicking on the mining area, bringing up the menu where you can either “suspend” the mining or “remove” the zone entirely.

Actually having written that I realise how the UI can sometimes be slightly counterintuitive…

But anyway, I liked this review - it gives a good summary of the game, highlights the point that it is Alpha not Beta, so bugs should be expected, and (importantly) points out that Stonehearth came before Hearthstone - I’ve seen quite a few people complaining about that on Youtube etc.


you had the same thoughts as me @sir_ghost :smile:

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We can only hope that the majority of Steam will be this nice.

I was into Stonehearth before Stonehearth was cool.

Don’t mind me, just practicing my Stonehearth Hipster speak.


I take any review with a truckload of salt, but they did a decent job on this one. Best way to show people the game is streaming of course…


im here since the 16May 2013 ^^ Im Guybrush with a Gandalfbeard :smiley: And yes its a great article :smiley:

I came back from the dead just to tell you about a PC gamer article about Stonehearth (sorry if it’s already been mentioned)
You can read it at Stonehearth: the townbuilding game with an unfortunate name | PC Gamer

It’s a well-made article by my favorite writer at PC Gamer, but most of the comments made me want to rip my eyes out.

woah the comment section on that page is like a war be warned :stuck_out_tongue:, but overall good article and some of the points the guy mentioned were either bugs or planned features, so I think they will have to make a new article in the future to compensate for the game only being in alpha right now.

a thread was made by @flpsantoss over here,

@SteveAdamo @Relyss please merge :blush:

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first of all, congratulations to Team Radiant on the article! WOOHOO! :smile: :+1:

second, I don’t know which I enjoyed more, the article, or the borderline insane comments… :laughing:

This is literally just Cubeworld. Did the dev change the name or something because it looks exactly like cubeworld.

I “lol’d” for a bit with that one…


haha, i didnt read the comments, and that person certainly didnt watch the video :laughing: :joy: