Alternatives to Stonehearth

So, as we all wait for Stonehearth to come out (damn I just need a time machine… :frowning: ), are there any other games which are similar?

At the moment I’m playing Timber and Stone (which is actually similar) and I’m looking at Banished (however it doesn’t have combat).

Other than that, I assume no pre-beta (as in before december) version will release for the game? I just discovered Stonehearth and read every blog post and watched every video (there’s only a handful :frowning: ) already which made me REALLY eager to play this game!

Maybe you will find something in this thread or that one over here.


i am huge T&S fan (Robert is an incredible indie developer), but having been so close to the development process there, and from what i know of SH, other than both being voxel based games, they really start to diverge rather quickly…

one of the key differences being T&S is a roguelike… but yes, it is a really fun game, and i happily recommend it… :smiley:

There are several hours worth of video about Stonehearth on their Twitch channel

sorry, missed this the first time… sorry, no pre-beta releases for the masses, but the general consensus is that the Youtube folks who helped publicize the campaign could see a new version or two before the beta ships… but thats purely speculation… :smile:

I’m pretty sure that it was stated somewhere that the betarelease might come out early and the stated date is more like a final deadline. So there is in fact in a small chance we get it early if they think it reaches enough progress earlier than expected.

T&S isn’t thaaaaat much like a rogue-like… not really.

true… it has features of a roguelike, but as soon as Robert is able to implement all his designs, it will be a much more brutal affair… :tongue:

I’d like to offer some of my personal views on some of Stonehearth similar games:

Nice 3D graphics.
Simcity like gameplay.
Not yet released

Cube World
Nice Voxels but the style is hard to “read” because of its rounded shapes. (listen to some of @ponder comments)
minecraft like gameplay
unable to purchase at the moment.

Timber and Stones
very average graphics
hard to use user interface

2d isometric graphics but you get used to it after a while.
well developed gameplay with constant weekly updates
Better UI than T&S and more depth of play

Dwarf Fortress
very deep simulation
stone age UI

Castle Story
Good graphics
Had potential but has development problems

We’re here. Compare with above coments.
Excellent potential for Mods


I would have to agree with your reviews, esspecially about the Castle Story review.

actually about cube world your wrong on that one it came out for alpha purchase yesterday but they got DoSed yesterday so the shops are down right now

while not wanting to pick nits, it actually came out on july 2nd… but the internets asploded, and only a select few folks managed to grab a copy… sales then resumed around the 4th, and now the main issue is with new user registration on the picroma website…

the game is all sorts of fun though! :blush:

I couldn’t access the purchace page on Picorama a few hours ago.

Is my internet connection low, or did I just get DoSed?

Still DDoS, as highlighted in this thread.