Anyone else play Castle Story?

No, I’m not talking about the stupid IOS game, I’m talking about this one;!(
(new, can’t put pictures into the topic.)

To me, it seems that stonehearth is not only inspired by minecraft, but also castle story (the way that building works, at least). Anyone else agree?

(also If you haven’t heard of castle story, let me redirect you to this: Castle Story by Sauropod Studio —Kickstarter )

I haven’t played it, but I’ve heard of it. I watched videos of it.

I first saw it from their kickstarter page but I decided not to support it. For some reason I didn’t feel the team had what it takes to build the game in a reasonable time frame.
I did back Stonehearth because I was impressed by the Radiant team’s credentials.
Such as Tony Cannon and Tom Cannon

first, welcome aboard @myserval! :smiley:

second, i am very familiar with CS, and was quite active on their kickstarter and forums as well… but unfortunately, the team was (im guessing) somewhat overwhelmed by the road ahead, and has failed in keeping my interest peaked…

i check back from time to time, and still have very high hopes for the title and team… but im taking a back seat for CS right now…

third, we have a related thread floating around, so i think a merge might be in order:wink:

edit: scratch that, it seems that thread was locked… long live this thread! :tongue:

I am a castle story player. The team is starting to make progress. Hopefully they will start making small patches soon to introduce new functionality.

are they getting more vocal on the forums, or is it still basically just Thierry? i hope they are progressing, as i really do like the original design… i am looking forward to seeing what they release next…

Yeah, same story with Castle … Story … Here as well.

Thierry is still it on the forums, but their updates on are getting better.

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There is also another game called timber and stone and this seems very similar indeed to this game. However Stonehearth will work much differently to other games like castle story or timber and stone because you’ll have like side missions and modules to explore.

I have the game but at the moment its not that good but I still have hope for it

thanks! i was on the official site a few days ago, and noticed just yesterday the new design for the corruptrons… so, at least they are being a bit more vocal! :smile:

another game i am heavily involved with… which on the surface seems similar, but once you get past the first layer, the two titles diverge rather quickly…

Played it shortly after alpha was released and again when they released that first update to fix some of the problems in alpha. In all honesty I thought that I’d enjoy it a lot more than I actually have. I’ve now shelved it until it comes further along in development as I find it a bit awkward to play at the moment and a bit finicky. But hey it’s still alpha isn’t it.

I was too late to help kickstart that, Stonehearth was my very first pledge. I bought the beta offer on their homepage as soon as I became aware of it and am now anxiously waiting for a steam key… especially with that poll they made.

Well, once Stonehearth and Castle Story are out I’ll have little time for anything else in my free time I fear :wink2:

Hey guys. If anyone’s on the fence over Castle Story, it’s up as a Flash Sale item up on steam, 33% off for the next few hours. Might be a good time to hop on the bandwagon!

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hey @Spu! long time, no see/post… :smile:

thanks for the heads up on CS… seems an appropriate time to blow the dust off, and see whats what…

Castle Story seems to be a pretty interesting game, but I don’t like the general graphics of the game. This game is a voxel, and I have some silly prejudice that circles or any curves for that matter should be looked down upon because it is a voxel game, and voxel games most of all should refrain from having too many curves or circles, or else the game would look just plain silly.

I have to disagree with you. I really like how it looks, but I don’t like their use of bright colors.

Before I learned about Stonehearth, I was really interested in Castle Story, as well as Cube World, but since then, I forgot about those two games and I am now more interested in Stonehearth.