So I did this Mobile Version of Stoneharth

Hey Guys :slight_smile:

so, i spent some years now learning unity. and one of my first goals was to do a Stonehearth Mobile Version.
Its actually a trimmed down version of Stonehearth or more inspired by games like clash of clans but the look is fully stonhearth :slight_smile:

I actually dont know what to write here big. I dont have any plans to release this somewhere but it was a fun project for me and i just wanted to share this with you

here you will find some more pictures and infos of the game: Stonehearth Mobile | Pixelpizza



It looks great! Differentiate the art-style a bit and you could expand it as a standalone game.

I’d love to see the code and structure. :slight_smile:

your game reminds me of this: Desktop Tuesday, Introducing Stonehearth, Free to Play Edition! – Stonehearth

not thats its bad but its what they did before and i find it really funny anyways i agree if you change the models it could be its standalone game which a voxel game would be cool to have with in that genre

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Please release it, it looks amazing!

year Please Release it, i wil love it

haha. damn, i totally forgot this joke :smiley:
i know free2play games are not the most loved β€œgenre” and for a good reason :wink:

beside copyright stuff: too much work left to do :confused: