[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, Introducing Stonehearth, Free to Play Edition!


April Fools! :wink:


They went a little too overboard.

I think it was hilarious :wink:

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You don’t want a blackberry version? :wink: We felt it was the best mobile platform to translate all our hotkeys.


Best. Idea. Ever. I love them microtransactions!!!

Blackberry is the way to go! It’s second only to them indestructible nokia. :laughing:


I hope you also plan on splitting the game up and selling already finished content later on as DLC all the best games do this. :smile:


god it was april fools i believed it so much

Me too.
Good one guys.

To be fair I had to check the comments as I’d just completely forgotten…it surprised me a little having had no mention of it up until now…guess I can add gullible to my list of personal traits…:wink:

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My mother was born on April 1.

I wonder if my grandfather hesitated when my grandmother told him they needed to go to the hospital asap. Probably had the same face as on that pic too. :laughing:


dear Raya, i do love you guys… :smile:

i was in tears reading about the “New Streamlined Gameplay”… the “gems” are just, absolute… brilliance… :+1:


So are you guys going to do a proper desktop tuesday

The gems look like emeralds from minecraft. That makes me realize that we are going to need another buy-able currency to use with NPC interaction! I suggest sticking with the color scheme and using kryptonite.


oh, this is so being modded in now… im going to pilfer the minecraft villager sound effect as well!

edit: the blog comments are all over the place… congratulations Team Radiant! you successfully p0wned a few folks this day… :smile:


Sounds good. I’ll work on the new Titan that will require the buy-able kryptonite to defeat to make the game even harder. . .

Super Mutantman:


I was thinking of really doing such a thing. Add a shop button (admittedly, I’ve already done that), have a virtual website asking for your credit card information, being able to “purchase” those little coins to unlock even most basic functionality…

For example, the map generator would always return the same map and you had no way to modify your start position. It would always be on a mountain. With one tree. Of course, you would also just spawn with one villager and zero resources…

You could unlock very basic stuff, such as…

  • Extended Map Generator ($2.49)
  • Better GUI User Interface [sic] ($0.99)
  • The Basic Camera Control Pack ($0.99)
  • Advanced Starter Supplies ($0.99)
  • Mega Starter Supplies Pack ($2.49)

of course everything could simply be spawned in with stuff like rp_spawn_stuff, but each object would cost gems. You can build them (if you unlocked the recipe!) too if you want to. Of course, building stuff or crafting things is very exhausting (debuff on the worker), which he has to retire of… for eight hours. Good thing there’s the

  • Debuff Remover (5 uses) ($0.99)
  • Anti-Debuff (1 day, 1 worker) ($1.99)
  • Elevated Spirits Boost (1 day, 1 worker) ($1.99)

But to make it all fair, there would be a natural spawn of the currency (gems or whatever). It would take approximately 20 minutes to mine 1 gem and requires a click every five seconds. That will open a popup. That will need a confirmation. That always appears at a different location on the screen.

So, just you know, if anyone ever needs ideas how to stupidly monetise any game… Just give me a call.

In the meantime, it’s too much effort for too little gain to really be done. But it’s a nice thought. In my head. I’ll treasure it.


Oh you.

Bit disappointed that there’s no release talk for Windows Phone, I guess I’ll have to wallow in my inferiority for a little bit longer.

Speaking of Windows Phone, I’ve been watching Hawaii Five-0 (the new one) recently and the product placement for Bing and Windows Phone is ridiculous;Alex O’Loughluin could come arrest me any day of the week though, so there’s that.

Just as I will treasure you.

Never stop dreaming.


Aprils Fools has come to Discourse too… :smile:


Arrow also does that with windows