Oh Wow, We're Already At Release?

I haven’t been on here much since… well, January, I think. And yet I’ve been following along with Desktop Tuesday, making occasional videos, and Stonehearth is the only entry in my Steam Favorites category.

I’m shocked, I’m surprised, I’m a bit teary-eyed… I was not expecting this!

This is only the second game that I’ve picked up in Alpha that I’ve seen released in full- the other being Minecraft.

Am I sad to see this end? Yes; and yet, it’s not really ending, is it? We have a very nice mod community who keep coming up with great additions, and now there’s a whole new faction and biome I can look forward to exploring! I’m excited to see what I can do- and I still intend, one day, to have the hardware capable of live-streaming Stonehearth (and intend to do so) as well as dragging friends into multiplayer.

I can understand people being upset that things are ending, but I’m also happy to see you releasing a game you feel comfortable with. As much as I might want more (always more- playable rabbits and dwarves and goblins and tons more) I can look at this and feel happy with the end result.

I look forward to seeing more projects, maybe under the Radiant name, and I look forward to a great deal more fun with Stonehearth, checking out mods and uploading building ideas (which should work with this great new builder).

Thank you, guys. I won’t say goodbye, because it’s still way early for that. But thank you.


Try Bastioneers mod (if I remember the name right). Not really dwarves, but have a similar vibe.