[Dev Blog] Stonehearth Alpha r34 now available on Steam

Well, they just posted on the site and pushed the update to Steam, apparently!


Looks like general bugfixes and the like.

PS - Sorry I’m too inadequate to do the cool picture-y link thingy that you guys do in all of the other Dev Blog threads. If a mod were to fix this, I’d be most grateful.

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I am going to see berry bushes in my sleep tonight.


I’m prepared.

Edit: Dear lord, client_init_script and server_init_script. And something they dare call timers. Logging still seems to be a dead end, however…


looks like i picked a good time to not take a shower! :shower:


Looking really good. Just launched it! I’m loving the new tool tips you’ve added for the buttons. Also noticing the berry bush harvest icon that floats above the bushes (i think they scale up a little to quickly as you zoom in though imo)
Thank you Radiant! :smiley:

Now to figure out the complicity of this Mixintos and Overrides -.-

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Been playing for a couple minutes and my people keeping moving. I did notice they do not get hungry on the first day. Also when building a simple room they take logs back to the stash then bring it back to the building. This is a good build and the best dev. involvement I have seen.

Sooo… Is there going to be some more documentation stuff? Or was that mainly limited to the previous blog posts?

in regards to the API? i would imagine so… i would also imagine they are running on fumes right now… :dash:

First try at making my own smod with a mixinto and an override: Game won’t run.
Remove smod: Game Runs
Change smod to folder: game won’t run.
Change smod to zip: Runs? But no update?

Whaaaaaat? o.O
@sdee any suggestions?

If anyone gets a simple one to work let me know. Not sure what’s going on, unless it’s not fully implimented yet.

ok, quick braindump after 10 minutes with the client:

the good

  • patch notes on intro screen
  • workers … they no geeet stuk! :+1:
  • new particle effect when chopping trees
  • hot-key for placing items from stockpile
  • tool-tip when units are encumbered
  • day/night cycle seemed much more balanced (was that changed?)
  • items are moved from the carpenters outbox to the general stockpile (was this intentional?)

the bad

  • builder built himself inside the house
  • can place/build a bed half on/half off a stockpile
  • units can sit inside the firepit when eating a meal

You forgot user_settings.json:mods.stonehearth.world_generation.method = "tiny". I’m sure that was added just for you.

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Same with me :smile:

This was in the previous releases as well. I’m for certain it’s intentional, this allows the carpenter to keep making items as the workers move them to a different “warehouse” stockpile instead of needing their own massive carpenter’s stockpile.

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I can confirm that extracted folders seem to be buggy. On a clean installation, the game won’t continue past the “Place banner” phase - you can place the banner alright, but nothing happens afterwards. According to my logs, the entities are sometimes created - but they don’t seem to turn up.

This is probably fixable in my case, unless the resource loading is borked. No lua errors, nothing in any (RP) log.

I use to have this issue every once in awhile during the last release. After a few game restarts it usually went away for awhile.

Noticed a massive flaw in my nihonjin/manifest.json (damn missing curly brace -.-) Didn’t fix the issue though.

It’s definitely not going away even after several restarts. I’m aware that placing the banner sometimes led to crashes, but a simple “nothing happens” (the camera is still usable)… that’s new.

Exact same issue I was having, the game wouldn’t crash but no workers would spawn and neither would the firepit.
(minus the not fixing on restart though)

They should really move pathfinding to a different thread still…

I noticed roofs still don’t get built.

It’s still likely that it will perform worse.

Which was announced as such.

aye, but this was mentioned in the previous blog post as an item still to be addressed…