[Dev Blog] Alpha 4 (Build 114) Pushed to Steam Unstable



I hate being at work right now!

Very nice :thumbsup:.

May it be that it is not possible to build ladders downwards?


so want to test this out… right naow! :smile:

  • As the player, you can place “Trapping Grounds” using the Zones UI, indicating where the trapper should hunt.
  • The Trapper will survey the grounds and decide on the best place to put her traps.
  • Over time, critters will be attracted to the traps. Depending on a couple of factors, they will either be caught or not caught!
  • Every now and the the Trapper will return to the Trapping Grounds to survey her traps, and “harvest” any trapper critters.

glances at the clock … sighs


Power in numbers… together we can get through this.


Definitely something we want to fix.


Has anyone noticed the fox in the background. He’s just like"…They’re trapping us… They’re KILLING US… It’s like War of the Worlds all over again! EVERYONE RUN!!!"

This is everything I wanted the trapper to be, and more.

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And I might have spotted the weaver and beards are also in… uuuuuh. :wink:

Downloading and trying now!

The ‘quit to main menu’ button … does that work? Has that ever worked? I’m clicking, but nothing be happening :frowning:

Humm… is it just me or there is no “accept” button to the house design menu? can’t start on construction

EDIT: nvm it seems you have to click on some part of the house to have the button to show up to start construction.


Fantastic update!

I like the new trapper. Like the new upgrade effect. Love my workers are getting the loot from the goblins back. And ladders of course :smile:

i want to say “yes”, but i’m so overcome with envy that i may not be thinking clearly at the moment…

ok, now you’re just being cruel… :clock3:

We’re seeing what we can do about this too. Fallout of some otherstreamlining work associated with that UI.

Me and my new cliff terrace agree with your jealousy

Apologies @Tom I probably have f.lux on, I know how much that upsets you. I will serve penance in another life.


So we can not have a crafts mans stock pile in a house yet? the work shop can be in it but not his stock pile

Yup, we realized that a few minutes after putting ladders in the game. T’will be fixed.


Sorry–super awkward! I’m hip-deep in the middle of fixing this right now. Gonna be much smoother…

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That used to work; trying to get it back!

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