Maybe Alpha 11 or 12?

Hey, here are some Bugs:

  1. why it is impossible that you can not erase built blocks? Thats very angry. Because if you place a block wrong you can not erase that.

  2. Some leadders i have built they can not be deleted.

  3. The Goblins are way to much. And they build theyr camps by deleting the floor (grass). But it is impossible to fill that hole they have done after win the figt against them and destroy theyr camp.

  4. It is very bad that the workers must help by arranging the stockpile. For example: The Farmer harvest but the worker have to carry the baskets to the stockpile. Maybe it will be better to have also the jobs Miner, Builder, Storeman, Forester. With that the Game can be expand because the carpenter hast to build wooden axes, wooden pickaxe and so on.

  5. BIG BIG Bug is that you have to Store all Material for an house BEFORE you start to build. If there is missing for example an window thy dont finish that when the window is buildt.

  6. Sometimes they leave Material on the Roof of a house.

  7. Some dropped items cant be looted.

  8. Baskets the goblins tried to seal they dont stack back on to the stockpile

  9. Finnished houses can not canged. For example put out an window or put in a door later!

  10. There must be an forrester who is abled to plant trees.

  11. The map is to small

  12. The “Forrester” should be abled to delete shrubberys and put it on to a noter place.

  13. I whish more Flower colors

  14. THE BIGGEST THING IS: Changing things after Build this.

  15. One more Bug is that sometimes they dont destroy the frameworks

  16. It is bad that the carpenter helps restocking a pile although he has work in the waiting loop.

So one more Problem is afte Building much things it will be very laggy and unplayable. Before implement new things please have a look at the “old” things to get them working without meistakes :wink:

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Ychward is my brother and we are Let’s Players and we think that game has big potential…
Another Bug i’ve seen is that you cannot build big houses with 2 floors.

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So, right now i making mod that allow you to delete misclicked blocks, also remove currently builded structures.

Also i added interior walls, and solo column tool.

So, in 10.5 you can build more than 5 floors, but game became MUCH laggy, and lua will eat all of RAM. less than 4 stages nothing bad.

I only can build 1 floor houses… That the engine crashes…

so, that’s the point proof

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Hey, that will be nice. But it should be implemented in the original not a mod…

As right now, in future it would be implemented, i made it like MOD, for my playing process, and have some fun. See screenshot above.

Maybe the developers make this without a mod.

Yes, it’s in dev roadmap, but i don’t want to wait, and made that for myself.
I can’t wait, all the time :blush:

Do you know the Roadmap for the near future? And when will be the a11 released?

I don’t know about ETA, but building fixes that you want don’t will out with alpha 11, so sad, cuz that, i made my own world more playable.

That will be bad because that are a lot of MAIN Bugs they make the game unplayable at the moment…

So, suggest me what to fix with building, around buildings in mod, can you?

Sure. I can. It is bad that you can not destroy whole buildings, parts of it or simple blocks from a building. Also the mistake that they only finish a building wif they have all material BEFORE start to build…

So, see my thread in modding for my building addon, make suggestions, and i’ll add them TODO.

Just gunna put my 2 cents here, the Devs obviously greatly appreciate this community helping out with there game, just remember this is still alpha and a lot of things are still on the way and may need adjusting.

A lot of your problems seem to be with buildings, especially multi-story which is rather new still, often floors won’t complete or skaffolds are left because the workers can’t get to a spot, try giving them a hand by placing ladders all around the areas that are effected. This doesn’t always work though. The ladders that you can’t delete are probably the ladders used on the scaffolds which are the same issue.

The rest are things that will come along latter with future updates as bug fixes or addons

No, this is not the most of the problems. Next problem is the managing of workers. It will be better if you can adust how many builder should do a special thing.

I don´t say that they should fix the problems NOW but the community ist here to give the devs a feedback of bugs and mistakes and ideas. Because THAT is why a game is released as an alpha.

And for me it is very important to know that the devs see this problems and fix that.

A thing that we can see very often ist that alpas never get ready. We see here a great potential for the game but i dont know if it is gonna be ready. I think it will be much better to write a stable working release version first befor the insert much more things like the sorage boxes.

Get the implementet things ready running and then expand the game. That will be much better than other ways!

Or not devs :smiley: But see buga anyway :smiley:

Can you please send me a link to your Mod and how i can install it?