Alpha General Questions [the common stuff goes here]!

as suggested by our illustrious forum member @Smokestacks, here’s the “one thread to rule them all”… :smile:

we’ll try and leverage a nice (clean) running thread of all the general questions that might pop up… eventually, this can evolve (or be used to create) a more substantial FAQ of sorts…


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As of late, a main focus seems to have been put on implementation of new classes, which is exiting, but the issues regarding the current state of construction seem to have been pushed to the side. Noting that Stonehearth is a city-builder of sorts it would seem that perhaps the city-building aspect would be higher on the list of things to implement, but I respect the decisions of Team Radiant if they desire to approach the development from a different direction. Thus leading into my question. will we be seeing any improvements to the construction system in Alpha 2?


without a doubt… varied and more complex building designs are on the horizon!

I have a question.

When will I get my own custom title? You said I would get one. You disappoint me.

Sorry about that. Now here is the real question.

Will we finally be able to build roofs and other types of buildings, and other things such as doors?

When will enemies be implemented?

Hey @SteveAdamo why don’t we make a thread for all alphas?Instead of making different ones for each. Stonehearth Alpha/beta General Questions?

I think that will take a while, since we have no units to defend.

And with the trapper introduced, my bet will be first on the shepard, hunter, farmer and weaver. But we will never know until @Tom tells us otherwise.

I think its because there is no beta yet to discuss.

I don’t think the engine/features are there yet that makes you see what happens inside buildings.
maybe @Tom can disclose if they have the game setup to implement that?

thats an absolutely valid question… given the size of the previous thread (a little over 200 comments?), it makes “sifting” a bit more challenging… however, the search mechanism on the Discourse is wonderful, so that makes it less of an issue…

i dunno… creating a new thread, for questions that stem from a new alpha seems appropriate (for now)… but we can certainly address as the game progresses… perhaps we’ll merge the two at some point… or, if this works out well enough, we’ll spin off new threads as each major release drops…

i leave the hard decisions to @Geoffers747… im just the pretty one…


Now that the worker stuck bug is fixed, fleshing out the construction game is near the top of my “most important things to work on” list. Believe me, it definitely has not been forgotten, and we know it needs a ton of love.


thanks @Ponder… and there was much rejoicing on the internetz… :smile:

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When will naval involvement happen

we are quite a ways away from anything like this… we need water first… :wink:

we would then likely progress to fishermen, being able to build on/interact with water, etc.

old quote from Radiant:

Re water: We’re working on it! Water is…hard. There will certainly be water in the game, and we want it to behave in water like way, with flow, dams, etc.


Thx for the update steve

Overall I’m quite happy with this update/alpha!
The trapper is cool!
There is more to do!
I can’t build a house/simple room still :frowning:

But yeh the new alpha is cool and the trapper is awesome!

Are you still working on the same things which are underlined on the Roadmap?

I have a suggestion for the game.
Since the update, I wasn’t really a fan of the individual click commands for the trapper. So this is what I was thinking. If you could click or highlight any settler (trapper, worker or carpenter) and use the wasd keys to move freely. I think it would be easier than clicking the command then clicking somewhere else. It would probably get boring really fast. This addition might fill the need of all the people who want a Hero or Leader.

Also I found a bug that if you click the move command for the trapper and move your mouse back to the same command and click the command you can duplicate the marker (Flag).

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the roadmap is a rough approximation of the current list of priorities… but those can shift! so, in general, yes… they are still working on the same highlighted features on the roadmap…

that … might introduce a pretty complex control mechanic… :smile:

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Okay thanks for the information I can’t wait to play the game in the next months and build my own town =P