[Dev Blog] Alpha 4 Up on Steam Unstable


And it’s really, really, really unstable. Save often!


Already been testing it :slight_smile: .

Some early notes:

-Jerky movement / FPS /gameplay (slight, more pronounced when fast-forwarding)

-Hard to promote footman, req. shield AND sword? Chap I wanted to promote was building, and kept on building until a shield was made soon after the sword (didn’t pick it up though).

-Carpenter wanders around taking most recently made object with him to pick up wood, then has to return to drop it off, before again going to get more wood.


@sdee, did you know it’s my birthday today?
Thank you so much for the Alpha!!!


woohoo! happy birthday @Relyss!! :cake: :balloon: :smile: :+1:

and here i am, caught at work… with (glances at the clock), 3 hours till i can reasonably give this a whirl… :cry:

oh well, thanks for the heads up @sdee, and thanks for the new (unstable) build!! :smile:

edit: p.s. i love Radiant… :heart_eyes:

Gravity w/o Physics: Putting items on top of other items causes the top item to hover in the air instead of falling realistically to the ground. Fix: None, take hilarious screenshots and post them online.


Wow, started and got the Traveler gives you corn. event. Good to see there are events. :smile:


Thanks, @SteveAdamo :blush:

(Is it just me or the banner points outwards with this new version?)

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Did they take out the trapper’s knife?


Happy birthday. :balloon: :balloon: :cake:

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OH RIGHT! Thanks for reminding me. Modders and everyone who makes models, we have standardized on the right-hand coordinate axis. This means that you may have to re-export your models/max files, etc.


Yes, we removed the trapper till we can re-implement him/her based on your feedback. :slight_smile:

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@sdee with it being an unstable build, will you be wanting bug reports on it or should we wait to do so until it’s stable enough to be released on the stable branch?


the community spoketh, and Radiant … … listened-eth? eh, good enough for me… thanks Team Radiant! :smile:

any hints as to the direction the class is taking? obviously less micro-managed, but any other details you can share? :smiley:

Yes, go ahead with the bug reports. Seeing which ones are most popular should help us prioritize what we want to fix, too. Maybe another poll, @SteveAdamo?

Couple thoughts:

  • We want the trapper to be consistent with the footman, in terms of how you give the class directions.
  • the footman isn’t done yet; he has automatic behaviors you can see now, but there should one day also be a way of making his behavior more specific (patrol here, etc)
  • so my guess (final design as always, will wait on how it plays) is that the trapper will have some general behaviors and then some directed ones
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Go! Brave footman! Kill those annoying goblins that are each time more numerous!
Oh wait what? O_o
All settlers go to where the footman is fighting, I don’t know if they’re helping or if they only want to pick up the remaining wood.

Looks quite unfair… there are more goblins out there…
Sigh… I must give time to my computer, with so much new features I have lag, it’s a bit difficult to test.

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Woo, worker behaviors! Hey @albert, it’s working in the wild!

Maybe try turning down some of the graphics settings?

Hey, my game hasn’t updated to Alpha 4, can you help me?

Make sure you’re on the Steam Unstable branch. Instructions here:

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Oh god, I’m getting Deja Vu again.

I already told you, I forgot my Key. I activated it in December to get the Beta, but I soon forgot the Key.

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Hold on, it seems like it’s Updating.

EDIT: And it updated, it seems you’ll only need the Key to get into private betas, but not to get the latest version.

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For the looks of it, seems like they want to eat him. Definitely. And they know this way he can’t escape. :smiling_imp:

for the night is dark and full of terrors