[Dev Blog] Alpha 4 Official Release



Downloading now!!!

@SteveAdamo I figured I’d test my new refreshing droid. . .



Oh from @sdee on the dev blog:

Just discovered an infinite loop bug on promoting a footman. So… please don’t do that till we fix it.

So we might want to wait until it’s fixed


Just finished downloading it - I also notice it’s release 120, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s changed since r118 (@sdee? Anyone?)…

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Best news all day!

I did get that infinite loop bug though haha…


IKR i was like . . . . lol. As soon as some of the bugs are gone i am going to start up YouTube for Stonehearth

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Yes, we are fixing this right now. Sorry about that!

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download 75%. nicedude80 Pulls hair out


Is it just me or is it running a lot more smoothly? Performance bar is nice and green most of the time here :smile:


I still got the problem that goblin armier appear and kill my villagers. Removing their stockpiles is still possible, but that won’t stop the goblins from ganging up and killing my villagers one by one.

Yup, happiness is the truth.

Because im happy! waiting so long before this game had this much content!

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Anyone else have that song stuck in there head and cannot help but feed the urge to listen to it?

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two updates in one day? and a full alpha release at that?

fires up Steam

edit: because the image accompanying the blog post is so awesome, I feel it needs representation here as well… :smile:



yaaaaaaay, time to break it over and over again…for SCIENCE!!!

how did you get such a clean screen shot?

Gah! I’m not at home. :frowning:

Super excited. I agree with @teleros . a Change log would be great.

Thanks Radiant!

I snatched it from the Dev Blog… :smile:

here’s a quick rundown of my findings in Alpha 4:

1) villager names run off the promotion list


  1. at the onset, select a tool to promote a villager
  2. notice the list of names extends to the Approve button, and past the containing box
  3. the highlighted name at the bottom, does produce a background however

2) villagers not respecting stockpile sacredness


  1. build several stockpiles
  2. stock said stockpiles … with stock
  3. work your minions to the bone till they hunger
  4. watch as they sit willy-nilly among the stockpiles!

3) I believe this error was on accepting a new villager


  1. watch for notification that a new villager wishes to join your settlement
  2. accept them with open arms / voxels
  3. get the error prompt?

4) pressing the right arrow key in the journal produces this error


  1. be curious about your villagers well being
  2. open the Town Overview, and select the Happiness tab
  3. click the right arrow button
  4. get the error prompt

5) notifications remain, no matter how many times you view, “x” the announcement


  1. (in this case) receive a notification that a new villager has joined your settlement
  2. click the yellow exclamation mark
  3. read the notification, and wonder if the unit will pull his own weight
  4. notice that the notification insists on staying all up in your face, no matter how many times you click the “x”
  5. keep clicking the “x”, in the hopes that the notification will take a hint, and go away… its late

  1. fairly complex design … worked perfectly! :smile: :+1:


Ok, the fix is now live. Sorry for the false start!


Working late, just for us? D’awww, that’s sweet.

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