[Dev Blog] Alpha 4 Official Release

Not sure if this is happening with anyone else but are footmen ignoring goblins for anyone else? may have just been a fluke. but they didn’t react until I hit the alert button and even then the footmen didn’t attack until another unit started hitting the goblin…

I bet they paid the guards off…

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Did Ninja, Pirates and Politicians already get put into the game? :laughing:

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Nope… I just think the Goblins are getting smarter. Putting up life like invincible statues to confuse our ranks! You win this round!

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Will Alpha 4 saves work later on?

For example, I have a save now, will I be able to keep and play it, possibly until release? Unless it was corrupted or something. Or are you expecting save format to change throughout development?


I don’t know for sure but given how many games I’ve simply had break and the save get corrupted I wouldn’t get too attached. Game is still in a very early state and as good as the devs are I’d say that game breaking changes will occur. I’ve never had a game last more than 3 hours thus far.


Not sure why this hasn’t been posted yet:

Good luck smashing those bugs my fellow Stonehearthians


Finally got a chance to sit down and play the release. :smiley: Despite my feelings about combat (see my rant in the combat feetback thread) I have to say I am rather enjoying the progress that has been made.

My pc still doesn’t run Stonehearth well, but this release seems to run smoother than the ones before. Path-finding seems to be working more efficiently!!! The addition of the number of citizens/happiness counter at the top of the screen was well thought out and needed.

My town hall finally has windows and stockpiles are working better (though there are still a few issues)

I’ll most likely do a more detailed “review” later, but since my last village was wiped out before I really got started and it’s 2am I’m feeling a little offput to starting another game. :angry:

Just wanted to say yet another job well done Radiant! Can’t wait to see what Alpha 5 brings :smile:

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this kind f thing is only happening to some people…

its funny, NONE of my games have been wiped out by goblins, and i play for quite a long time,… and i even actively hunt down goblins sometimes… (other times i just ignore the one thief until he gets bold and alls well for me)


Anyone else noticed inside workshops and stockpiles? Works wonderfully. I can actually have weavers and carpenters building now. :slight_smile:


Great news, I didn’t attempt it yet but I will now!

Now that we can put signs on houses for the carpenter and the weaver, could you please add the possibility for us to assign a bed to a specific villager? My carpenter is still sleeping outside whereas a worker is sleeping in the bed I have installed in the carpenter’s house.


I strongly second this!

One way to get around this is to get beds for everyone. Once you find out which bed the carpenter sleeps in move that bed into the carpenter’s house and wait for him to claim the bed the next day.

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I just hope the combat tuning will be out sooner than later, I can hardly progress because my people are killed by goblins, I still haven’t been able to see if my mod works.

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Same here @untrustedlife, I actually haven’t seen a single goblin until day 5, and that’s just the thief.




And i have seen toooo much of’em … and can’t find the Lua … but this stands in an other post ^^

best regrads


so i dl the new update and i notice about 3 things when i played.

!. i am not able to load a old save that was be for the new update\

  1. http://puu.sh/b0woX/56e76b4735.jpg this happen after i opened the book and clicked the right arrow that was beside the today. the two errors pop up.

3.after that happening with the book i could not click on anything or make anything.

I hope this stuff could help in any ways and i am sorry if this is the wrong area to put this :slight_smile:

hey there @Drakel… as far as #1 is concerned, it should just be assumed that saves from one build to another simply won’t be compatible (which is a fairly common practice until at least the beta phase)…

As for the second point, that sounds like this issue. Right? Although I don’t think error messages were mentioned in the discussion there.

The third point might again suggest it’s related to the UI freeze, as I had mentioned before. I have thus far forgotten to check back on that, unfortunately.

Well I’ve played a few games of release 122. And it’s not bad but all my games have ended with heads stuck on the ground. But before they ended their were problems I thought worth mentioning.

Goblins one on one beat armored footmen,
No way to gain new citizens, at least under player control, that means you cannot recover from disaster. I was down to four people and surrounded by goblins but could do nothing. Game ended with head bug so it didn’t matter.
Trapper can be within sight of a trapped animal in a cage and not process the animal.
Villages complain about food variety but eat the closest thing while different foods are close by.
Villagers do not auto upgrade to better beds or chairs.
When gathering berries the picked basket should be brought home before a new basket is picked. Likewise the trapper should carry all goods home. What they leave in the forest the goblins take or DAYS later they go out there to carry it back and die at goblin hands.

I know I have mentioned it before but food = new person is a critical aspect of this game or make it so you’re turning away citizens. As long as the game master controls the rate I get citizens it controls the pace of the game and I do not. I also cannot recover from disaster,

I cant seem to update it