[Dev Blog] Alpha 4 Official Release

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if this game is going to do great… we can make it great, so drop all Egos and start sharining Hope, xp and strength.
if we , (yes i mean you) hold tight we can help these dudes and dudets to mak a fantastic game… so my shout is … stick together never give up.

Edit: Geof hats me, i feel bad

i will never learn this forum stuff i wil just get mor and more stupid

I don’t hate you :slight_smile: I’m simply trying to keep the place as tidy as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

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ahh cool, thx for writing that, makes me feel ok

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One of the biggest problems I have run into is combat. We need some sort of way to control the footmen. Give them an area to patrol, assign a target, move them somewhere. We just need some way of controlling the footmen because goblins come and go and I can’t do anything about it.

Yeah ATM they just patrol your stockpiles etc. I think this is fairly reasonable for early on, but as settlements grow… yeah we’ll need more.