Post your Alpha 4 Screenshots!


I thought it would be better to keep the funny screenshots in a separate thread, so the important ones are forced to go in a Bug Report. We’re derailing the Dev thread…

Post your funny screenshots of Alpha 4 here!

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thanks for the thread! wish I had captured some of my “floating head” citizens last night… :smile:


Fox safe and sound. Little bit of vertigo.


The Goblins attacked and then ran off. Good thing there aren’t any Ants in the game.


Their bodies are in another realm… Probably in the same as the roof.
Anyway, we should investigate the origin of this Curse of the heads. :skull:


Well, it looks like my world was, well, just look.

[Res] Half Display Bug

Kinda pretty, @EpicDwarf!


I built my first house today.

Too bad it crashed after I took the Screenshot.


Are these weeds or outcast corn crops?


Short 2 min vid. Shortly after this I went to save and all of my save files were corrupted had to clean them and start over.

Feedback on Combat

A misplacement of a Mean Bed caused an accidental sacrifice.


[code] Ok, Autumn. Place this bed on a house


My happy little farm. !testing! will be occurring shortly


I saved and then,

I think my village was attacked by a neighboring tribe and buried up to their necks…


Hope your Settlement isn’t near an ant’s nest.


Now I can climb the mountain and reach the berries =P

But I have 3 citizens locked, two in the house and one on the roof^^


well now, he just looks awfully sad… poor hungry little guy… :smile:


All hail the holy floating log lol


Yes poor guy, a citizen remove the scaffolding and let the poor little guy on the roof without food maybe I should make some stairs^^


How . . . HOW did you do that?