Post your Alpha 3 Screenshots!


Feel free to post your Alpha 3 screenshots here to share with us all how your 4 walls, picket fences and farmland is looking :slight_smile:

Here’s mine!


Gold hairties are really popular in West Seraphia

Epic Wall!!!


That is a mighty fine wall indeed!

It gets me all kinds of giddy for the possibilities of large stone defensive walls. Oh lordy.

My kingdom of ILoveSteve is looking rather pathetic right about now, but we shall persevere!


stay strong, my sweet prince… the kingdom needs thee!

note to self, post shots this evening

second note to self, hire @sdee for the backyard landscaping


I would advise you to try to feed your people before putting up enormous propaganda posters of yourself on the walls, but, well… it’s your call!


What the heck is wrong with Geoffers’ screen? Everything’s red!


um, he’s English… duhhh…

no idea… perhaps its his laptop graphics card slowly dying?


Hmm, how odd, it is rather orangey.

Maybe it’s my Battlefield filter?

I’m blaming f.lux rather than my Britishness. Although both are very likely.


Well, the second one was approaching sunset (still soon for a change of light, though) but in the first one the moon looks rather orange, yes. I’d blame f.lux for that auto instagram filter to the screenshot. :camera:


I should have screenshotted some floating bacon. I had floating bacon.


do it!
It’s the bacon paradise… :yum: maybe it was running away to avoid being eaten
(or it could be related to my invisible farm plots bug)


A pet rabbit, 2 farmers and a builder stuck in an unfinished house :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and floating bacon sounds awesome! xD


I think it’s related to me tweaking some of the game’s files… :smile:


Does this count? :wink:

@sdee No paddies yet, but I figured I’d get the plants growin’ :smile:

I thought you implimented seasons, It looks like a nice fall sunset. xD


Stonehearth: The Only Game that Accidentally Implements Seasons.


ok silly question, how do you take a screenshot? hmm :frowning:


The “PRINT SCRN” key, usually located near the F12 key, and then you can open up Paint and Ctrl+V (paste) the screenshot there.


If you’re in Steam I believe f12 is the default screenshot button!


My little guys working hard. They carry ghost blocks. Don’t know why :smiley:

Well this is a known issue. Carpenters just have to sit on houses. That’s what makes them carpenters. :wink:

Just found another creepy glowing ghost block. Again I don’t know what happened.


It’s a warning from the wood nymphs… one does not simply defile the holy tree block!