Alpha 1 Buildings [post your screenshots]!

Alpha 1 is upon us, so to are our poor attempts at creating buggy broken structures :smiley:

If we could build roofs I’m sure they would cave in, but feel free to post pictures of whatever it is you are working on building, be it a giant fence, or a small fence, or a fence with a gate, or perhaps even a fence with a gap and then some more fence with a gate followed by a really long fence!

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I took a screen shot for this, edited it, made it all fancy and then realised all the buildings were the wrong way round. ;(

My once glorious empire will be rebuilt and rescreen shot tomorrow


I made a fence.


I bow down to you sir

I am waiting for the screenshots of giant fence mazes separating the stockpiles from the berry bushes. :wink:


I made a wall get built from the center of a house to outside… does that count?

Im sure it does, walls and fence are the same thing…

Though on that note can we try and keep on topic and not clutter the post up too much, thanks

Sleeping area, and of course sleeping lazy villagers in the middle of the day. (They stayed up all night playing “who can eat more berries”)


Well, my camp fire is now working… looks pretty.


This maze hard enough?
(there seems to be an error one of the fences refuses to be picked up. might be because the people are starving but it makes ghosting errors all over the place)

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After 2hours of testing and almost 300screenshots here are my highlights:


Some sort of house is being built by hungry villages… I couldn’t cancel it, so i attempted to complete it…


This is why everyone loves alphas

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lol my first 3 attempts at building not going so well lol also how havesome of u managed to get a building grid to come up for ur houses

It comes up when you build a wall loop/simple room under Construction Button (at bottom) > Structures

How are you guys getting the blue prints with the houses? I don’t have anything, they just start building :confused:

when i build a room it doesn’t give me a grid its just blank till they start building

sounds like skynet to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird… I just clicked the Simple Room and I got a blueprint with it on… xD Not sure what else to say on that. Could be a bug or something. How big is your game window, and are you using the steam version?

also how many posts do i have to have before i can post my screen shots of room attempts XD