Teaser screenshot on building progress

Here’s a screenshot from our latest internal build. @Tony has already fixed the bugs that are causing the hole in the roof and the scaffolding not being torn down.


FYI, most of the team is working on fixing the bugs your reporting on the Alpha 3 test release. Expect at least one more stabilization/bug-fix release before seeing any building improvements, but rest assured they will come. Thanks for those bug reports and please keep em coming!


it’s … it’s just plain beautiful @Tom! :clap:

ranks right up there with this one…

but tots better


See that leftover plate next to the bushes? Settlers are picky. All hungry but nobody wants that plate… :frowning:

Loving the progress :blush:


Wow, that looks good! You’re doing extremely well! Although I feel distraught at times, I’m still very proud of your, and everyone else’s efforts, Tom :slight_smile:

Well, that was quick! So we’ll be building full on castles in the next build yes?


And the build after that we’ll be able to have a waterfall flowing out the cliff face behind to form a moat around said castle :slight_smile: …not ambitious or anything…:wink:


aaahhhh!!! i’m so excited!! i want to start to make all kind of houses!! hopefully we can start to use those rock boulders too that we can harvest in this alpha; I just hpe we get enough villagers to build big things faster :stuck_out_tongue:

am I the only one feeling out about the wall being built around the house? gives off that “defend yourself from potential baddies” vibe… :smile:


I’d love to see that moment of panic when someone walls himself in… :smile:

moment of fear, or brilliant act of self preservation? :wink:


Yeah, that’d be me.

“Mer: Sir, the goblins are invading!”

“Swift_Cube: So what? We have quintuple sets of stone walls!”


That’s a good point… a “destroy object” command in the build menu might be handy before we get an alpha with combat in it :stuck_out_tongue: . Else walling yourself in will be just a bit permanent :smiley: .

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That looks soooo cozy! Wonder what they’re talking about…