[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, New Build Coming Soon!

They’re about to push the first unstable build for alpha 10!!!


i just love it! like i said, it’s coming soon. <3

You guys just love taunting me don’t you :open_mouth:


whelp… I know what my “work from home” day will consist of…

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I knew it, everytime I start a big build update is coming, time to back up my save and run two versions of the game I think, one for Treeopia, and one for playing with the new builds.


Is it me, or does it look like the wall design looks different (the second-story one with the door set in it)? I wonder if we’ll be able to choose individual walls, or if this is just a lighting bug or effect of the second-story on the plaster wall design.

I figure the new stable release will come out after my finals and papers are done, so there’s certainly something I can look forward to…


Is it the floor showing through? That’s really the annoying part for me.

Yeah that’s the floor. I hope that’ll be changed in the future. Also the thing I find annoying is the walls are exactly the same patten as the bottom floor. But hey, I shouldn’t be complaining I’ve waited so long for second story buildings I’m just so happy its almost here! Sure all this will be improved on in a later alpha! :smile:

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The stream was awesome!!! I hope the build comes out by Thursday! :smile: