[Dev Blog]Desktop Tuesday, Alpha 6 Update And Speed Paint!


OOoo… Pretty.


This week’s update is a speed paint of the Alpha 6 title screen

one of my favorites, by the way… must be speaking to the inner architect in me… :smile: :+1:


I like the Rapid Viz that goes on before the final product! Go Team!

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I really Enjoyed watching that! I wish I was creative enough to do stuff like that!

So lemme get this straight, the build isn’t out yet correct? I’d assume there’s a new build number for it as usual.

Alpha 6 r156 is available through Steam.

just to followup on @Relyss’s comment, it’s on the steam “unstable” branch… have fun! :smile:

So what you’re saying is it’s the same build that was posted last thursday?

No. There has not been and update from that time as of now it is still r156

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Thank you, just what I wanted to know.


I think I see your point… When I see the words “Alpha Update” in the title of a Desktop Tuesdays, I almost believe they really submitted something to Steam. But no, it’s simply that they are telling us what are they currently working on in the Alpha.

Sometimes it can lead to misunderstanding, yes :sweat_smile:

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New update now: http://stonehearth.net/2014/11/20/steam-latest-branch-updated-to-build-162/