Desktop Tuesday: Better Building


Every update or blog I’m happier that radiant decided to devote this alpha to bug fixing and performance related issues. Keep up the good work


When I first saw that build, I think it was a couple weeks ago, I was surprised to see it was the first one that was attempted. And they built it. Mine is the one on the far left with the walk through awning porch.

Since that was a A13 template that could not even be placed in the world in both A13 and A14. Seeing it being able to be placed, and actually be built was quite an awe inspiring moment when I watched that stream from the beginning that day. So it was a doublefold awe moment for myself. :heart:

Thank you so much for all the effort, and now we can build even more.

Still going to have a modular approach with many of my buildings, but will have some eventually that utilize the new improvements that could not be done before. :smiley:


Oh the things I’ve built now that I stopped trying to attempt to build so long ago! I’ve got to retrain my brain towards stretching, rather than babying the blueprint system. I must remember to watch more of @Banto playing.


These building advances are really coming along. They look great. Maybe some time in the future we won’t need console commands at all lol.

A suggestion for the building tools: Would it be possible to edit a placed roof to, say, cut a hole in it? I was just thinking the other day when looking at the castle roof type that there’s no way to get up to that roof. Generally when i make a castle style roof with the slab tool I will have a hole cut into it in order to build stairs or a ladder. I’ll put a stockpile up on that roof that allows no items so that footmen will sometimes go up there on their patrols.


The Building Improvements in Alpha 15 been amazing so far : ) way to much scaffolding but being able to actually let the hearthlings build our stuff is so great :slight_smile: however it do takes ages because of the scaffolding amounts.

Great Job ! :slight_smile: