[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday - Building Variants



Were you camping the page, spamming F5 for this update? :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha… no! rubs sore finger

i was actually on my lunch break, watching some let’s plays from @paulsoaresjr… decided to pop over to the official site and voila … new update, chock full of building variant goodness…


I feel like I’ve seen some of those roof variations somewhere before…

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yes, this will be my claim to fame… i provided every roof variant to @Tom! me! it’s all about me!! :point_right: me

but seriously, i am loving all the options… and that adobe example just adds so much atmosphere… :+1:

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Something tells me that won’t be your only CLAIM to fame :wink:

But in all seriousness, its pretty cool to get a glimpse of all the customization that exists within the realm of premade structures, because it means there’s so many more options for complete customization.

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Man those guys are a well oiled machine over there! I love the update, but the hint at the crafting system really intrigues me, seeing as it’s a system we know so little about. Anyway awesome work Radiant and extra kudos for keeping us in the loop.

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They vstill arent adding my nordic roof RAGE LOL

Nordic roof eh? hmmm
I sure something like this will appear in the future

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Question ladies and gentlespoons… how will we place our roofs, will it be a click 1st point and drag to where you want it to end or will it be a point to point click setting all your corners, I’m asking as im inquisitive about how the roof would work best on say a cross shaped building and on a multi floored building

@SteveAdamo handing the examples in a drawn version is one thing… and so very important for ideas. Testing them on the actual design… is important as well. I like how @Tom picks up the ideas of the creative and supporting people and at least tries stuff out to see if it might fit the aimed style.

Does anyone know by Chance if there will be different wall and Window styles by Chance? EX: Chinese styled windows or German styled walls?

i think there’s a good chance, yes… :smile:

Do I build my houses brick by brick or slap down pre-fabs?

“You have two choices. You can layout floor plans and choose different types of walls, roofs, etc. Check out our prototype video17
to see this in action. If you’d rather not do that, you can just slap
down a pre-fab. Eventually we will support designing your own prefabs,
which is basically like building on a blank piece of paper and saving
it instead of building directly in the world.”

Thank You @SteveAdamo , Question will it work the same with fencing?

Most likely, and, if not, visual replacements/variation should be one of the easiest things to mod in, because you’re just telling the game “and this, too”

OK Thanks!!! , One last question though will roads work the same way or do you need a special unit like the Mason to do it?

I honestly don’t know, but I strongly suspect that will be the case, because you’d need the materials to make the road., right?

Maybe…, but does this mean we could make a road out of wood with the Craftsmen?

we really dont know much about roads at this point, other than they have intentions of including them…

More on pathfinding 3 Livestream - 39:30

"We want our pathfinder to take into account the type of terrain, so
there’ll be a cost, maybe the cost of traversing a road is half the
cost of traversing grass which is half the cost of traversing rocky
terrain. "