[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, The Building Designer!



=0 just in time
I just came home
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what a lovely quote… :smile:

We are now feature frozen for Alpha 4!

the designer looks to be very fun and intuitive… I think the idea of crafting the floor (laying the foundation) will work very well… and just out of curiosity, I wonder if we will be able to adjust the wall height at some point?


Let me just be the first to say that it looks ***fabulous)!)***.

Good thing the SAS team managed to liberate the update from the claws of @Geoffers747.

You know, Alpha 4 is going to be a bomb! With the building designer, and the combat system, we’ll have lots of new things to do ingame. :smile:
(And speed options so we can accelerate long times of building)


Yes… but we’re still getting there! (Ie, not Alpha 4). But eventually… what’s a castle without crenellations?



…wait, where am I?

ol well, back to the shadows!



Looks great. Cant wait to play with that.

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This is . . .


Alpha 4 is going to be the best Alpha version yet because of the Building Designer, Combat System, UI tweaks, and other awesome features!

My only complaint is the raised floors. If you put a door in front of them, it looks weird because if you look through the door, you would see the Floor elevated one block, like this:

Still, it’s not a major complaint, just a minor annoyance.


think of the floor elevation as a built-in “internal step”… :wink:

the units appear to be just the right size to fit in snuggly through the door frame… so, no worries! :+1:

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Yes, it’s a minor annoyance, but it still looks weird. If you put an extra few blocks or some stairs in the part of the doorway where the floor sticks out, it would look better, to me that is.


Really nice video :slight_smile:

I wondered about that as well.

On the note of floors and roofs…

Dare I ask what happens if someone drags a bunch of square floor plans into a pixelated circle or donut shape and try to build a house with a roof? I know there’s overhangs currently with abstract shapes, like the log cabin house in the video, but how would the current system cope with that…?

Also, will there be an option for us to rotate the roof’s slope direction in the release, or will it be a later feature?

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Also, when l we be able to have roofs like the ones in the picture I posted, and when will the game look like it too, with more dips in the terrain, more Plants, and huge stone mounds?

I read it, and it looks awesome! No access to the video, though, I’m vacationing in China. :frowning:

regarding roofs, by the looks of the video, I would say in the next build (1-2 weeks)… as for the terrain differences between the prototype and alpha, I am sure Albert is hard at work cranking out the algorithms for more diverse landscapes… :wink:


Here’s another question, specifically with the addition of the “erect walls” action.

How will placing walls within a structure–such as making separate rooms–work with the automatic wall-building function? Would each room have to function as an individual “structure”, and then somehow become one massive building? And how would an internal door line up with wooden floor built on both sides of it, considering its height?


snigger Erect :stuck_out_tongue: Bring me Alpha 4!

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