[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday: Elevator Needed



Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! This week we’re to ironing out a few last water bugs (there will always be water bugs), continue design work on our revisions to our crafting system, and continue to evolve our building UX prototypes. For today’s DT, let’s again investigate Nikki, Chris, and Justin’s building user experience prototypes, this time looking, at variable wall heights and how they interact with multi-floor structures!


When this new editor comes out in the future, i bet we are going to see a fair share of towers on the discourse! :rofl:
Can hardly wait to get to play with this thing…


It is finally here: the elevator visibility tool.:jubilant::+1:

Also @not_owen_wilson (this is the right person, right), why is it that interior walls and multistory buildings don’t work together as of yet, can you elaborate?


They’re clobbering the same tool in the UI, so we could make the prototype faster. In the interior room prototype, you can put the cursor inside an existing wall and draw the wall from there. In this tool, if you put your cursor over an existing wall, it assumes you want the space on TOP of the wall to draw the 2nd story. We could have distinguished this with 2 different hotkeys, but the prototypes each try to answer a question/explore a space, and we didn’t need the interior room functionality to make answer the floor questions.


One thing that always encourages me is Radiant’s optimism.


" For extra bonus points, see if you guys can suggest a good (or really bad!) game he’s never played, or for even more points, never heard of! (Aside from: fighting or racing games.) "

Oh, get ready everyone! Lets use our collective gaming experience to overload Richard’s processor!

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rennoch on Steam made a good point so I thought I’d bring it up here:

“to be fair, right now it’s hard as is to operate settlements under the terrain because of the way the map viewer works, i imagine doing a full dungeon system would make it night impossible unless they revamped the map view.”

One of the things I’m concerned about is underground views with this new building system. Will we have to make liberal use of the x-ray view which is arguably much slower or will we still be able to use a similar system to the z strata? Is the team taking underground building into account?