Alpha 10 Building Bug (Walls this time around)

Hey guys! Great work with Alpha 10. The multi-story building is pretty neat.

However, there’s a bug where the walls don’t get built.

Heres the bug and how anyone can replicate it: Build a tower more than 3 stories.

What happens in this bug:
The walls for Floor and 2 get built. Floor 3 gets no walls. Floor 4 and 5 get walls. I haven’t seen if Floor 6 gets walls because I didn’t build that high.
I think Floor 6 does have walls because I tested it out in Pre-Alpha 10.

But the gist of the bug is: Wall building skips the 3rd floor. I’m pretty sure the 13th floor is bad luck, not the 3rd floor.

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The other floors haven’t been built yet but I know where the building is going. The wall isn’t going to be built. Even with self-placed ladders, the the wall never gets completed.

I will update later.

Okay, the long (very long) roundabout is to manually place ladders to help build the wall. But the citizens won’t finish the wall.

Oh no.

You have to place ladders for each and every block of the way. Once one layer is finished, I had to place another ladderstep to help build the next layer.

Layer, in the context here, is like a sheet of those one-blockers.

As you can see here in this picture, the small pencil-tower apartment for 2 is finished. However, I did not factor in that I can no longer build external stairs unless it has a roof over it.

Look, I really appreciate all the development that is going on but what I see is that the building capabilities of Stonehearth has become diminished in comparison to earlier Alphas like Alpha 9.

EDIT: When it comes to designing buildings, I don’t do it by conventional standards but I keep them fairly realistic as well. I’m not building some towering castle that floats on a pencil. Its a 4-story building with an external stone staircase. It is nowhere near being anything fancy.

I can go on about other designs I have in my head but they are not as grounded in reality as the external stone staircase I have presented here.

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As you can note here, there are stairs indoors. Made from the very same blocks that I attempted to use for external use.

The other idea I had in mind was bridges across buildings. Again, nothing too fanastical. All my ideas are grounded in reality.

But bridges across buildings over a river is currently not part of the build.

And bridges without walls or a roof or glass windows. But again, just bring back external staircases first eh?

Being unable to place external blocks without a roof also means that custom wall building is also limited by the placement of a roof.

Just a note for future help, in case it may help at all:

Custom made walls are likely to vary in height. For example, current wall height is 7 cubes high. Suppose a range unit were standing on a wall 10 units high: make sure the archer is able to shoot from the wall that is 10 units high and that the archer is not unable to shoot because his footing is 3 cubes higher than a wall 7 cubes high.

Why am I assuming that players would be able to build walls 10 cubes high? Well, it is because they should be able to. Prefabricated wall height almost invariably entails the inability to have a custom, personal wall.

Sorry about the ranting there. Finals just finished. Anyways, please read these and give me a feedback.

Also, building walls is still buggy. Which means that building taverns with individual rooms is still very difficult.

Piece of advice: Fix the way players design buildings. The current way players design buildngs is great for simple architecture. But as soon as players, like me, want to compartmentalize a building, things can get really difficult. Especially during the planning phase.

Now the lore of the game can be said to be near the 14th-16th century western Europe. At least that is what the roof and equipment seem to suggest. By then, buildings already reached more than 4 stories and buildings were compartmentalized, not by floors but by rooms.

The reason I mentioned that tidbit is to reinforce my claims that I am not delusional along with refuting what other players might say about my architecture being anachronistic.

I haven’t seen much of Alpha 10 but I felt sorely limited by what I can build now. Citizens won’t take build orders unless it has a roof over it. or unless the height is divisible by 7.

i wasnt able to read the entire thing, but currently the building, as you discovered, doesnt allow you to add walls inside the building. but im sure that Team Radiant is planning this feature, after all it is a city builder :wink:


Yeah, I noticed the inside walls thing not being part of the game so far. But that was not my main concern. Read from the first post I made. Maybe that will give you an idea about how it lead up to inside walls.

The main bug issue is not resolved: I did a roundabout by manually placing ladders for each and every block of the 3rd floor.

Then when I finished 4 story building, I got around to placing the external stairs. When I found out I couldn’t then the topic turned to design problems.

By the way, why does everybody use the wink emoji nowadays? All it does is just enrage the other party. In a forum like this, posts should serve to construct, not destruct. Especially not to destruct another person’s mood because an emoji, commonly used to enrage people, was used at a whim.

i can understand all the pain and frustration, but i guess what im trying to say is multi-story building was just introduced and will be buggy, and its also an alpha. so just be patient, TR will most definitely fix these problems

You’re right. I should be patient. I guess I’m not venting my frustration at the right time or place.

well everyone needs to vent at some point, just as long as you keep it family friendly then you’ll be fine :wink: