Multi-Story Buildings

Ok, so… I was building my cute little village, extremely happy due to the fact that now we can actually finish our buildings properly… (windows and doors included!)…

When I had this idea…

And this happened:

So, I was really excited it worked… I mean - IT REALLY WORKED… So I had another idea, and then… This happened:

My soldier watching over our lands on top of a tower… Wait, a tower?

Ok, so… On with the report!

You can build on top of other buildings. I made a quick search and didn’t find anything like that, but I’m sure some of us probably figured it out too!
Doing the tower, however, was the tricky part.

I had to build without Rooftop, wait for it to be finished and then create another floorplan on top of it. Cover all its area and then with the eraser tool, REMOVE the floor over the walls. Then I would raise walls and they’d fit perfectly over the building below.
For the internal ladders, AFTER raising walls, just erase some of the floor and add the ladders!

You can do it with buildings any size and shape, I guess… So, yeah, with some patience and hard work, you can build castles already!
I just wouldn’t recommend it because… well, this is not supported yet, so, internal view gets messy. Big buildings would have whole sections hidden by the upper levels’ floors.

Oh, and to raise the walls, you’ll have to manually place ladders on every tile… Or else they won’t build up. Think of it as manually placing Scaffolding :wink:

That’s it. All Hail the brave and inventive people of Mountainside!

I hope anyone find this piece of information useful :smile: I surely had fun doing it!

And as always, Thank You Radiant Team for this brilliant, lovely game! :smile:


That’s an awesome tower. I’m waiting for the game to be out of Alpha before I start putting more time into it.


Well done sir, I see the regular house has something similar too it. Care to share some screens of that too? :smile:


You could say that the big house was the ‘prototype’ :stuck_out_tongue:

No smart tricks there, though. Just build another house on top of a flat rooftop (and place a ladder on the rooftop so builders can go up :smile: )


Awesome! :smiley:


Gonna build a castle.


Wow, nice find! Excited to try this out.


I know it’s not meant to be the focus of the picture, but wow, that’s a lot of wood laying around outside of your town. Goblins must love your people’s settlement.


Totally building a castle on Wednesday (the next day I have free time). This is really cool! great find!


wow, this is very impressive! and not just patience… the patience of a Saint! :smile:


Nice spot :stuck_out_tongue: It’s quite the opposite, however. I had some goblin trouble when I started, got hit by an early wave… Then I realized that the goblins seem to spawn on the edge of your explored territory, near the woods. I cleared all the woods up to the hill to the next level and now no goblins attack me :smile:

They seem to always respawn on the higher level. The good thing is that I’m pretty much protected for now. The bad thing is that they’re piling up… I’ll need an army when I decide to expand!


Love the concept, I’m going to add this onto the list of items I wish to try :slight_smile:

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I want to see Team Radiant’s reply to this.


pile up is the right word for that what will happen, i show you what happened to me, out of nowhere

Nice tower. :thumbsup: Now we just wait for the first player to build a whole castle :smile:

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Something to try out :wink:
Very nice discovery!

Wow, impressive! Now we just need the archers :slight_smile:


To commemorate this, I am adding “Mountain” and “side” to the town_name section of ascendancy.json. Beautifully done! :slight_smile:


Such an honor!

bows before @sdee and the rest of Team Radiant

Thank you very much :smile: Nothing would ever be possible without the awesome work done by all of you :smile:

(Now I just need to poke @SteveAdamo for a forum title because reasons!) :stuck_out_tongue:


because I agree with said reasons, I present your new title… bask in your mountainous glory! :smile: