Post Your Alpha 7 Screenshots Here!

Hey everyone! Time for another thread for posting any great screenshots/stories you have taken/written in latest Unstable/Alpha 7.

Welcome to the hopeful town of… ahem… New Hope.

Expectations and morale was high as the small town began to take shape. Farms were up and running, the crop was good. Crafters began their hard and fulfilling work of churning out chairs, doors, windows, clothes, and whatever other needs came up in the day to day lives

But a blight had come to New Hope… and things weren’t as simple as they seemed.


The settlers of New hope had dug too deep… and too greedy…

They released the blightiest of blights! The Invincible sheep!

The horrible beasts took up residents on top of an old sheep burial ground, damming the building to never be finished unless the sheep were appeased.

Construction of a castle dedicated to the Sheep began, and the sheep were much appeased.

So thankful were the great sheep, that they stepped down from their high and mighty perch and joined the settlers of New Hope, even gracing them with their immaculate shearings.

The building, instead of being completed, was torn down in honor of New Hope’s newest allies.

And they lived happily eating in bird bath’s forever. The End.

I actually finished the castle courtyard and an entire underground living quarters… but the game crashed and I had forgotten to save for over an hour… Therefore, I decided to end it here.

I’m excited to see what everyone else has to show off. Let’s see those pics!


best. story. ending. evar!

thanks for the motivation… i’ll be planning/building my village this weekend! :+1:


That was really epic! well made.


Man, I feel like I’m missing some epic things… Nearly done with my work, then it’s off to finish the Lias Cathedral! No more mining every surface boulder ever to make a sizeable stone structure!

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Why, after reading this story i see the potential for a random Sheep event called ‘The Great King of Wool’? on which requires certain tasks to appease and are rewarded with a new herd of sheep.

  • Task example, build a Barn O’Wool (Castle for sheep)

Radiant’s going to need to add a sentient sheep civilization/faction in addition to the bunny folk after this bug, aren’t they? Or at the very least, I see the concept lurking in the future mod forums…

(Sheep Titan?)

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I dunno about a sheep civilisation, but certainly sheep monsters could be a thing.

Also, anyone remember that little mountain farm outside Stormwind in World of Warcraft (added / updated in Cataclysm)? A whole bunch of sheep there, along with a fake one. Hit that and it blew up, sending you flying - potentially off the mountain :laughing: .

Need something like that in SH after this :slight_smile:


Outside view. At this point the game was starting to lag and crash a lot so I didn’t bother letting the outside finish getting cleaned up.

I thought I would try to build a house underground. Seems to work.

Then I wanted an underground bridge, so I did that too.

Stone storage

The whole thing. Everything just wraps around on itself so there are a few different ways to get to most places.


Entry not recommended.


that looks really cool @jonzoid :smiley:

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R.I.P. Skydock, Deepmun 1 to Deepmun 15.The roads were going along great. I used stone floors to build “curbs”, and used wooden floors underneath the road to support the ramp. Then I built a two-story house. There was the minor inconvenience of it not letting me place wall loops on the second story, which I got around by designing a second story template elsewhere. Then, it wouldn’t tie the floor to the wall loops, and therefore wouldn’t let me build a roof. I tried to design a slab roof, but then the building tool stopped working at all.

What’s the ladder of to the right, you ask? It’s a stockade, because r180 logic.X-Ray mode looks pretty cool, though. It make me want to take out my stone floor curbs and fill them with water - oh, if only we had water!


You beat me to it!! I wanted to do this yesterday but got carried away with other things, and ultimately ended my game cause of the pasture zone bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my goblin-proof, sunlight-independent, underground farm:

Requires 10 daily hours of X-ray view for photosynthesis

Here’s an odd one:

The much sought after albino sheep!

In reality, there is no albino sheep :disappointed:
This was caused by two sheep occupying the same space. For some reason they ‘merge’ and the resulting unisheep is very pale.

In any case, this sheep got jealous and wanted some attention:

Notice which way it’s facing relative to the gate

Finally, a very NSFW one:

Penn Jondal, in all her glory.
This happened due to a job change bug with the shepherd, after I deleted her pasture. It’s interesting to know that clothing disappears between job changes!


That’s not NSFW, she’s got her undies on :stuck_out_tongue: !


Some shots of my New Whiterock:


Every time my city gets close to that size the save gets corrupted.


Here is mine so far. A bridge with Shield Emblem. Then going to expand Castle around the plateau.


wow thats nice can’t wait to see the progress :european_castle: the gates are nice and the wall itself lets hope it’ll keep the goblins out :smiley:

That’s really gorgeous!

I was working on some wall patterns last night. I can’t wait for some more building improvements, especially to the slab builder for adding random detail like on your archways or at the base of your wall.


nice work @micheal_handy76_mh!

I’ve taken the liberty of renaming this thread to match @Silas’s existing screenshot collection threads… :+1:


How do you guys do that? I’ve tried doing that before but I end up not looking the way that I wanted it to be. Is it cause im still in alpha 6? I like the way it looks though!