Post Your Alpha 10.5 Screenshots Here!

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Well, after at least six of these threads, I think you all know the drill. I’ll start.

An unfinished town around an unfinished aqueduct.


ooooooooooooh! im looking forward to seing that when its finished :smile:


Oh nice looks good.

Im working on some nice buildings for my town. here I made a wall and entry way bridge

then I started to work on a jousting arena. here is the first part of the stands, font and back

nothing to special, but still looks nice. I just hope the template saves well for the stands ahahah :sweat:


:open_mouth: my words cant describe how much i like the look of that! cant wait for the entire thing, though i worry my head would explode from the awesomeness :confounded: :boom:

This is a town I was working on - its not much but I thought it was cute. Unfortunately the building on the hill broke and then the recent release was updated so the town is now abandoned :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, my workers have seem to have gone idle. My crafters are still working fine, but nothing is getting built anymore. My farmer is also having trouble. But

I still dream of what could have been;When I take another look, it’s clear that it is not.

Stupid workers.


Welcome to the glorious town of Gold Vale.

Current Population: 16
Net Worth: 10k
RIP: 1

The small church in Gold Vale allows some solace for the folks of the often besieged town. Even though no one ever gets up to preach, the quiet of the place gives the Hearthlings a place to relax… or leave their half uneaten food.

Gold Keep really has nothing to do with gold, since the town sold it all for clothes and comfortable beds. While no king and queen have been elected yet, sometimes a knitting tournament is held to determine if there were ever be a weaver added to the town. So far… no one was won.

And lastly we have the entrance to the mines, where the blacksmith and mason wait eagerly to carry heavy stones to and fro with endless amounts of joy…

So far my best and largest town, once i got the game to recognize my video card (instead of the integrated on-board), the game runs super smooth even during high stress times like mining and multi-story building.


i guess i will post a few pics,
these little guys decided they liked my firepit better then theirs

a kinda cool action shot
as close as i could get to a scarecrow
the goblin thief looks like hes about to throw a punch
or not…

well thats all for now :blush:


I like the goblin totem as a scarecrow. Stealing that idea. :smile:


thanks :blush:

[quote=“Solus, post:10, topic:12831”]
Stealing that idea.
[/quote]glad to know its a good enough idea to want to steal it :smile:


Aww… :relaxed: It’s warmer, that’s for sure.

Those goblins are so cute :blush:

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indeed they are! sadly shortly afterwards there was a massacre because i declined the chiefs offer :sweat:


Ah so I had to remake a new jousting stands because of a bug issue, but to be honest I like these one way better.

Here I have the stands. I build my towns with social status in mind (like the poor get mean beds and thatch roofs while the rich get comfy rugs and stone buildings). So when I re-built the stands I made it so the higher up people such as kings and queens, nobles and such would sit up top while the working class would have to stand bellow.

here is a back shot, much better then the first build

A top view, which looks a bit bland so I will add a bit more inside

A front view with wall and entrance for the knights

And a view of the gang enjoying their new building

so all in all not super fancy, but cute none the less


The creativity of @Hogwartscat and many other players continues to astound me. Great idea design, and well-implemented!



Congratulations, nice work everybody ! Especially Hogwartscat :smile:

Here is my fisrt town on this fantastic game, i hope you enjoy :

Thank you Radiant, keep the good work !!!

PS : i can’t wait for the crates :stuck_out_tongue:
PS 2 : i will show you some pictures of my castle when it’s done


Wow! What an awesome town! :smiley: I really like it.

From my part… well… Let’s say that I feel really really sorry for the goblins… :cold_sweat:

(I think that my hearthlings might have wanted to taste the goblin meat… :disappointed_relieved:


Alright peeps. I had some time today (I hope I have some more). This is the start of Raven’s Loft. Again yall know me, always going to big projects. So mining out that whole section of the corner of the mountain to get castle in there, very small town established, Carp shop and house done, starting the blacksmith. Townhall complete.

And yes this is Locked down, The battle for Raven’s Loft will happen though


@Relyss Thank you :slight_smile: … Is the gobelin meat edible ?
@micheal_handy76_mh i hope you will show us pictures of the battle !

My hearthlings have finished the gate of the city. Now they’re prepared !


That’s a lovely city! Congratulations.
The market tents are great and the walls and the blue roof house are beautiful.



A tidbit of the battle with the goblins. “Lets just say it was full on WAR!”

First layer of Raven’s Castle

And cooking oven “For the King!” LOL