Alpha 14 work, I need to take a break for a while, Sorry everyone :(

Hey everyone, So I started a new settlement today, Gotta say though, Its the most stable version I’ve ever played, 19 hearthlings and it feels like a normal game with 7, cpu usage is lower than ever and rams not being eaten that fast, So I’m going to keep this town going as long as possible.

The towns only just starting, and is a big mess, I’m only 8 hours in. So I’ll defiantly be posting more tomorrow, It’s becoming so addictive again, 8 hours and still enemy’s coming, But my town is way to OP at this point, Anyway, Hope you like this early stage town so far!


Nice town ! The enemies won’t be a problem anymore I guess :grin:

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Hey everyone!

I’ve made some progress on this town,

This was just an epic pause moment, wanted to share this, I was wondering where all my footmen went, paused, looked for them, found her like this :smile:

The start of the town defence walls are coming together!

The town gates, and if it isn’t already obvious, my two gaurds, I only hire the finest and strongest!

I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to cause its my birthday and stuff, But tomorrow I’ll have another upload with some new structures and hopefully it’ll shape out more! I’m still amazed how I’ve built all this and so far no lag. This feels more like a beta than alpha!

Anyway, Hope you enjoy! :slightly_smiling:


Happy Birthday!
Your town is amazing!


Happy birthday! Any crypts yet?

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Aww thank you! :slightly_smiling:
Glad you like the town, Its far from finished, probably another 25 hours at least till its finished, But thanks again. I’m really glad you like it! :smiley:

Thank you! And yeah haha, I’ve had about 12 so far, And there was 2 in the town when I took the print screens, You just can’t see them, They seem to be interested in something! :wink:

Happy Birthday! Amazing architecture as always :smiley:

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Thank you @jomaxro (Sorry, Had to tag your name, It wouldn’t let me post thank you on its own) :smile:


I haven’t had a single crypt. :cry:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looks really amazing xD


Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on my town, but I’ve also been working on getting food up, killing enemy’s and stuff, and once you do all that plus building, 7 hours of work doesn’t look like much, I needed more hearthlings cause a lot of my hearthlings died and I’m starting to get a grave yard now xD

Poor hearthlings!

Got a pretty large farm now, with 4 farmers :smile:

I put about an hour into cleaning the town, the stock piles make it all look untidy, but until I get some where safer to put them, I can’t move them. Also I fear I’ve made the town to small, But we’ll see!

Made some more houses, I need more though! :wink:

Hope you like it so far, Still so much work to do on it though!

And finally, Thank you @Wiese2007 I thought I said thank you last night but strangely I didn’t, So thanks and sorry for the delay :slightly_smiling:


Looks like you’ve caught whatever @8BitCrab had. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work on the town! I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like if you can get it all filled up!


oh geez, they didn’t tell me i was contagious! luckily i seem to be cured of it now… i think… :wink:


Hey guys,

Sorry for no update with this in the past 2 days, I did a bit of work on it today then my pc crashed and did some weird things (still acting weird, Trying to figure out what’s causing these issues) I’ll try my best work on this as much as possible, But I’ve also got a project to work on, Which I need to make an entire website from scratch, which could lead to a job, So I’ll try to balance them out, hopefully with an update tomorrow :slightly_smiling:

Thanks :wink:


Hey everyone!

I’ve made a really good amount of progress today! I finished the first set of walls, We’ll talk about the second depending on how far I get, I managed to fix my pc, Turns out a program was duplicating and causing over 2K processes, thanks java
Anyway, Here’s the progress! :smiley:

This was from 3 days ago, We just survived the farming bug, 1 guy starved to death, Then this guy instantly took his bed haha.

Loved the view from inside a building :stuck_out_tongue:


Web development jobs are awesome :slightly_smiling: I got one 6 months ago and not looking back, you really gotta love web development though haha. Good luck!

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Thank you :smile: I’ve heard web development jobs are awesome, I know a lot of html and stuff so I could definitely get into it, I love starting from nothing and seeing it all come together! Thanks for the support :wink:

One bit of advice I will give, is never stop learning! The web is constantly changing with new tools, frameworks and standards coming out. Never get to the point where you think ah I know enough. Because there is always something new to learn. Its also sometimes a good idea to learn stuff you never actually use at your job, because that way you can do something different in your own time which will keep you motivated and not get bored of doing ‘samey’ stuff.

But yeh just go for it! :smile:

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Thank you for the advice! Keep learning is defiantly what I need to do at this point, I’ve worked in I.T for the good part of the last 5 years, So I can defiantly see how new tools are becoming available although I’ve never really done web development before. I’m most probably going to learn as much as possible in the next week and 3 days, Even if I don’t succeed, Its all an opportunity, I can learn from it and work on the weak points!

Thank you again for the advice, Its really helpful and I’ll definitely keep in mind and keep learning more! :slight_smile: