My latest build

ok pretty excited with alpha 10, the new building UI is awesome…although some structures just won’t build (see the left staircase into the town, a simple pillar…) and I find I need to craft a ladder or two for them to finish the roof of a basic house. I really wanted to flesh this out more as I made a big wall but I no longer receive daily updates and a few of my workers have died so it will take too long to build with only 8 characters.

any chance for a reset command for daily updates, if that’s possible? this seems something happening to some people. I ended up playing out the campaign and got a congratulations and a reward.

ooh, and a moat :smile:

this is how I dealt with massive stockpiles and unsightly goods. was the last thing i built though, low priority

night time!


oh and one last thing. one of my footmen went to bed with 5 / 200 health and needles to say died in her sleep, no matter how many times I reloaded it always happened, the last time I even layed her down in the food :frowning:

it was so sad it made me not want to finish the build…maybe prioritise needs?? lol

that looks awesome! 15+ buildings, how many hearthlings did you have?

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no more than 10 cause I stopped receiving updates a while back and 3 footmen. In past releases I made it past 20

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Impressive with only 10, you’d have flown through that if it had let you keep getting more hearthlings.

yeah, I realised it was taking too long I had so many tasks set out and then was like damn I only have 8 people…so this build goes out with this image of brave Sera Freywind as she courageously battled the wolf clan on her own and made it back, just to die in her sleep. Her comrades will honour her death by eating tasteless turnips and pumpkin in their awesome shiny armour!


Dat armor tho… and dat club. :slight_smile:

Is there some trick to getting 2 story buildings to work well? I almost always have terrible luck with them.

the only thing i can say is, practice, lots pf practice leads to perfection :smile:

i would suggest keeping the floor plans simple for now. this was just merely 2 squares on top of each other. anything trickier and yeah it tends to not get completed…