(Alpha 17) Lake Town (WIP)

So with the new Alpha 14 I decided to start a new town and this time it is on a lake. I haven’t build a thing but all the trees are gone and know I’m starting with digging.

All the trees are gone

The blue parts will become water

I hope that at the end of today all the brown spots are blue.


Da ba de da ba die, da ba de da ba die…


It’s looking cool, I’m looking forward to seeing more!


Looks great, keep us updated!

What seed are you playing on, would like to play with you

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The seed is 6969.

There isn’t water yet but I have one building done. The gate needs a little pimp.


Looking good, keep us posted!

Does water simply flow to fill up the gaps in this game? I’m unfamiliar with the water mechanics.

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I have no idea how water works in this game so that wil be a big surprise for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Great seed find (suspicious numbers!) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to try this one out as well - looks challenging! Do the hearthlings path through water to get to the mainland or you have no intentions of leaving the island at all? Completely doable to isolate them entirely on the island, create a mine straight down and get everything you need plus you can raise oak trees as a farm product now - can’t do that with Rayya’s Children (yet) for continuous self sustained wood production.

Good luck!

For now I have no intensions of leaving the island. Everything I need I have and otherwise I buy it. So far the building go well but now I have encountered a small problem with scaffholding…

They don’t want to remove the last part of it


as a workaround you can use the destroy command,

  • make sure you have the scaffolding selected
  • open the console (Ctrl + C)
  • type in destroy and hit enter
  • close the console the same way you opened it

hope that helps


Yes I’ve encountered that same issue with scaffolding by trying to build off the edge of a cliff in the desert biome as well. If there’s no solid ground on all sides of the scaffolding the hearthlings get confused … and abandon it. At least that’s how I imagine they are reasoning it out in their tiny AI minds!

I think you can avoid this by building the structure on solid ground and then removing the blocks around it if you want it over the lake…


Sorta…water is not fully implemented, and there are definitely bugs that come along with water, particularly flowing water. For now, water will flow to fill in gaps, but you may encounter issues.

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Give the hearthlings access with a player-placed ladder to the roof by the tower where the scaffolding is also sitting. May be they stopped because they couldn’t reach that part.
Btw, amazing buildings, congrats!

Have Fun, Kyth.


I have tried to build a ladder to the little parts scaffbuilding. They will destroy that little part and then sit still waiting for a magical wind to blow the last part scaff away. Shame I had to use the destroy command but now it is at least gone.

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Today is a black day for the villagers. They didn’t know how to eat, they starved a painful dead by starvation.
The next buildings will be of a different color. It looks so brown.

Lorna Yiss
Locan Yiss
Sera Raile
Aprii Woolden

Finally a new building done.


I have let the water in and without problems except extreme lag and stuttering. Also the hearthlings have build a new building that was very hard to build. I had to reload the game several times, when it finally was done they didn’t want to remove the scaff but thanks to console command it is gone.

I think it looks amazing :innocent:


You’re really doing great on this build - great architecture!

I tried this seed, it’s indeed a very nice island - but I immediately had a problem on the third hearthling to join my village… she was stuck in the middle of the lake where she apparently spawned. I was trying to build some steps down to her so she could climb out but within minutes the game stuttered and froze up entirely. I had to shut it down via task manager and I don’t think I’ve had to do that in a long time with this game. I’m hoping it was just a one off issue as I’ve had other long running games in A14 (prior dev builds) so I know my machine can handle it, even after 30 some days when things usually start to slow down and lag a lot. I suspect the hearthling trying to path out of the lake caused something to go really wrong.

How are you handling the random areas they spawn in like the water?

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I only had one hearthling that spawn in the lake but very close to my island. I build one ladder and she came self out of it. I hope that it was a one time happening for you. I’m on day 95 or something like that. After the 28 villagers it goes very slow up and same as building the hearthlings take more and more time to complete building. They also get trouble with eating, half of the villagers is eating at midnight. I have 8-10 death hearthlings and half of them by starvation.

Little example for scaffbuilding

And here it is finished


Finished 2 new buildings and made some screenshots of Lake town at night.

Front side of the village

Distance view

Cosy harbor


That’s amazing! I can’t believe the patience you have to get the hearthlings to build intricately like that especially over or around water. This is definitely proof of what is possible for the game with some serious work and creativity. Once performance issues are resolved, these sorts of intricate builds will become more possible. I don’t think my machine could handle it though until some more optimization happens. By day 20-30 my game is getting pretty laggy and I don’t have nearly the detail to voxels/pixels or whatever that you do!


Don’t monsters spawn in your buildings since you made them with slabs???

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