Post your Alpha 8 Screenshots Here!

First game of alpha 8:

Hit the motherlode! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Found a gold vein peeking out next to my settlement!
Unfortunately, I tried saving and the UI crashed… couldn’t promote anybody, so no gold ingots for me :cry:


i just wanted de gold meyn :frowning: why does the world heyt me!


those guys were thinking about how much chicken they could buy with all that gold


As soon as I could get something good going Ill post some things

I’ll be posting here soon, when the save bug is fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just the start, wanted to get my stock areas done and bedding and dinning. Then on to building Silverthorne


really nice work @micheal_handy76_mh really like it

@SteveAdamo i think @micheal_handy76_mh needs a nickname :smiley:

If he can change my name, I would prefer my gamer name. Cypher, and thanks a bunch. It probably helps that, I know how to blueprint and do architecture, and frame custom homes IRL.


yeah @SteveAdamo can change your user name but i meant that light text under some people’s name

Ah I see. lol. Whatever he wants to give. I’m happy just to share, help the community.

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What happens when its nearly 1am and you REALLY want to see some iron armour:

The Abyss

This mining hell was so deep, the pathfinder wasn’t getting them to bring ore to my main ore stockpile (just off-screen)

For the sake of awesome pictures, how deep can you go? :smile:


Quarry, Farms, Animal area, done! Now on too that Tavern and actual town, even though Alpha 8 is close I will try and get this built.

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This is just adding insult to injury. Pesky goblins …

And one of them is like “Holy crap this is so much fun! We have got to do this more often! Did you see that guys face?” and the other is thinking “Shut up. Shut up. Oh my god why won’t he shut up”


Not only did they kill them, but now gonna burn the tombstone. Time to make hunting parties.

Wow @phector2004 king of the abyss thats so cool and @micheal_handy76_mh I think that is the most town like one so special nit just like a normal town

Thanks, have 15 villagers, the AI is getting buggy and the save bug still exist so fighting that lol

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Well the immigration report is really helpful soonerorlater you’ll get 50 hearthlings

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yeah I hope so, and I like the reports, cuase let me control when I really need the next villager to drain food, and beds and so on.

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How much does the villagers now cost I can imagine quite a lot

just from today’s run, by 15, 2500 food, 7.5 happy, and shelter 5