Request: Show us your building techniques

Hi. When we ultimately come back to building, it will be helpful for us to see exactly how you’re building things now.

So, if you’re doing something funky like using slabs to augment buildings or build your own custom crazy stuff, please upload either a video or a series of time-lapse screenshots to this thread. Thanks!


Something i have not see anyone do is build one house with more than one type of wall in the same building. Is possible to manually select one wall and change the her type so you can have one building with different sections build with different walls

I don’t know how to make or upload a video, but I make 2-3 story buildings by making the first story without a roof, then laboriously surrounding the entire structure with ladders (which the workers can attack scaffolding to), draw a floor as the roof, erase one line around the whole floor so that the walls will line up with the walls below, raise walls but make no roof and let them build that, then repeat until I get bored and add a roof.

Removing all the ladders is just as laborious, and then I have to make stairs, which means using the slab tool (e.g. a 2x8 with a 2x7 on top, then a 2x6 on top of that, then a 2x5 on top of that etc) going up the wall to a platform under the 2nd floor door, carry on around the building and up for a 3rd story door etc. Then to make the stairs look like actual stairs I have to erase some of the slabs - oops the eraser tool doesn’t work on slabs so I have to carefully overwrite some of the slab with floor and then I can use the eraser on the floor tiles… :smile:

Yep, it’s a lot of work making multistory buildings at present :-). Looking forward to the building update! :slight_smile:

if you make it big enough you can make other walls inside from the coloums :wink: for example my little guild house (it was just a simple test - before my weeks of translation ^^)

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Calling @micheal_handy76_mh, @Atralane, @DaniAngione!


Guide to creating multistory buildings.
Create multistory buildings


#My Road Tower

(I believe someone else may have done this as well…)

Phase I- the floor

Phase II- the walls



And the walls again…

And that’s how I make Road-Towers~


You called? lol @sdeel

I will show time lapse screenshots of my builds. I want to wait on next build though when slab bug gets fixed. And eraser bug gets fixed. I’ll show how I do a ship and statue using slab and wall’s. How I do Gate entrances, Castle walls, Bridges, quarry stairs, multistory buildings, Stonehearths (fireplace), Interior walls, Dock designs, and any other ideas that pop in my head. Using villagers only :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been extremely busy with the post-production of our movie (Read: life support based on coffee) but I guess I can come up with some helpful contribution soon :smile: Or try to, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

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I forgot I had this lol. Time laps of The Footman Statue

Used ladder to babysit the villagers Building it :stuck_out_tongue:


I was building square windmills a while back. I tapered in one block from each side for each floor, so I needed many less ladders. Also, I learned that the slice viewing mode works quite well with multi-story buildings.

My process:
1.Wait until at least the columns of the previous story are built.
2.Drag a floor from one column to the one diagonally across from it.
3.Erase the two outer blocks of each side. [one for the walls, one to make it smaller than the level before]
4.Raise walls, and add a roof if this is the top.
5.Erase floor space for the stairs coming up to this level.
6.You can press Build! now, but you have to wait for the walls below to be finished anyways.
7.Build a ladder on the outside of the wall below. They should climb up and start making the columns.
8.Build a ladder on the inside of the wall below. Wait for workers to cross the ladder and start building a floor. After the floor is done, you can remove the ladder.
9.Design and build a slab stair up to the next floor as you wait for the walls to be finished. [You could do this before pressing Build!, but then you have to wait longer for it to finish.]
10.Repeat as desired.

There’s far too much waiting for my taste. An official multi-story tool, if done well, would solve most of these problems. I have come up with other, possibly more versatile suggestions however:

1.Let us place our designs on ghost blocks instead of waiting for real blocks.
7.We need to be able place ladders onto ghost blocks as well. Right now, slab buildings are a nightmare to make, as ladders have to be raised as the structure is built up one block at a time. If you can build ladders up to floating resources in the sky, you ought to be able to build ladders up to the highest part of an unbuilt building.
8.Workers should be able to build floors in front of them as well as below them. Stairs would suddenly be more effective. [I keep lower floor stairs a block down from being level with the stairs, to prevent two blocks being placed in the same place and other bugs.]

I may post a video when I have the time to redo this.


Someone asked on how to do interior walls, well here some screenshot on how I do 2 different versions of interior walls on same build of houses.You do have to babysit the workers on this one with ladder since using slab

Using the slab tool works, and I always leave a 3x4 door opening.

The second is to use the actual walls but don’t add doors and stuff (doors break under roofs and builds and wont work, sty closed forever), leave openings like this. This one is more easy to build you dont have to baby sit, just build interior first


different design on road and, how to do decks. (when water shows) or use as pathing on walls or decks (scattered, staggered, ever other)to house multistory. Also included is how to build Multistory without fully babysitting. (double ladders they will scaffold on them, doubled out.) side note, it wouldn’t let me double out last wall, angle of game or ladder idk, but just build 2 spaces apart and build the ladders as they go up. If you want to continue to go up, don’t take ladder down just ladd to them on the next level build.

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All this creativity. I really hope interior wall and multiple floor tools are implemented soon.

I saw the most amazing Castle on Reddit earlier after RepeatPan pointed me at it. I will not link it as I hope the author adds it here himself.

I’d also like to add that I save my patterns as templates. It makes things much easier, especially when building a set distance off the ground, as I did in Stilton Pier.

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same here. I save most of my builds

Here is the link to the castle: Stonehearth Castle - Album on Imgur. The guy who made it doesn’t use the discourse.

(link to the discussion on Reddit: Wanted to see how far I could go with custom buildings so I built a castle. Pretty happy with what this game is capable of so far. : stonehearth)


Not to be mean, but he uses IB (instabuild) too, you can tell by how the actual walls are in the rocks and the roof is in the ground. Plus walls into walls. They want to see step by step builds. Not saying IB is bad, and his design is awesome. I like it

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I don’t think he does.

He said his walls are “in” the rocks because he used the mining tools to carve out spaces in the rocks for the building, so that it would look like it was built out of the rock.