Building Tutorial!

I feel like I’ve gotten a solid handle on how to build in the current system, and seeing as how the update is still a ways away I was wondering how many of you would like to see (and possibly contribute?) to a tutorial on how to build fairly complex structures without waiting for the update.

Basic Building
Moderate Building


I would love to see stuff like that :merry: And if i can help in any way, let me know.

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I just got the game, but I’m really struggling with building. I’m in the planning process right now and after laying down the floor, I started to design the walls. Now I want to change it again, but I can’t delete the walls now? Can you help me out? Is there a way to trash the whole thing and just start over?

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press “finish editing” and choose remove. The delete tool for walls is not in the game yet :merry:

I added two tutorials, one for smooth basic building, one for smooth moderate building. I’ll be making notes of odds n ends but those are definitely the things I use the most overall. Most of the key to success is doing things in the right order.

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will you be adding more complex tutorials aswell?

Definitely, though suggestions for specifics are more than welcome. What I posted covers most scenarios and it’s how I’ve been successful with non-template building.

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One of the things i think is missing, is the fact that when you put down a freestanding wall, you need to know that it must be done from left to right, for the “front” to face you? Otherwise you will end up with walls that dont disapear when you use the see through walls tool. That is a trick that makes you have better control and is not told about anywhere in the ui.

The fact that if you by choice or more anoying by accident choose the foundation or road layer and then choose another color, it changes the whole damn thing into that color. I have lost quite a few patterns halfway through because of that…

With complex tutorials, i guess i think of using the slabtool and what can be done with that?
Buildings with slabroofs as one example.
Using the placementtool to place windows in slabwalls? place fences and gates in your templates?
migth be more…

Alright, I didn’t know about the left-right thing with freestanding, I knew there was a trick to it but I could NOT figure it out. That’s a good point about the color changing stuff. And for slabs, I don’t use them a whole bunch. I’m working out ways to use other things where I would’ve use slabs.

I did encounter a neat thing that if you put a layer of slab down in the design stage you can put foundation in it like it was ground, allowing raised foundations. Working out what to do with that.

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