Building: Tips and Tricks From Pros to Make You the Coolest Kid on the Block!

Here is where some of the top builders can post their amazing tips and tricks to the masses. Maybe, you’ll read these tips and tricks, and become a pro too!
(Paging @Stoneheartfan, @Atralane, @micheal_handy76_mh, and more!)


tsk tsk, forgetting the one and only “Builder Extraordinaire”, @micheal_handy76_mh


And the awesome @Kythandra


Here are few:

1: Preplan. I always blueprint a lot of builds

2: Sections. Build in sections. Example would be, Build the bottom floor first, plan your stairs, place your items, and any other nik naks you want in (fireplace ect ect). Then start the second floor and third, on and on.

  • Why this way. Well its easier to get some details in and It is easy on the AI and pathfinding.

3: Walls and the slab tool. I know it is easier to throw up surrounding walls on a floor plan, and it the only way to get windows and doors in. But if you take the time to build with slab and use the free form walls for placement of doors and window, again u can get a lot more detail in. 1 thing to do is practice with designing walls, place a free form wall to get an idea on how to use the colors to show shading and layout, practice it till you understand. After awhile you wont be using basic designs and start forming you own walls.

  • Also slabbing walls lets you create really nice interior walls :smile:

4: Know what you can and cant not get away with. You know right now that Al wont build something added to preplaced walls (ie slabbed stairs) so build them after you build the house or castle or blueprint. just preplan it. (take out sections before you build the design.)