Building tips for beginners

I’m planning on building a castle and I’ve seen quite a few impressing projects on the forum.
The thing is, I’ve built before in Stonehearth, but so far it wasn’t much of a success.
Creating a second floor or a balcony messed up and resulted in an error…

So I’m looking for some tips, I’m sure there are plenty of builders around much more experienced then me!

Biggest tip I could give is that things don’t have to be in one building. Meaning you don’t have to have everything in one blueprint. Build things in stages. The hearthlings seem to do better with it then.

make your own templets

templets you should make

   floor [wooden(21x21)]
   walls[stone(2 windows of choice, choice places)]
   storge[place the boxes in a ordor that you get the most storge]

-sleeping hall
   floor [wooden(7x26)]
   walls[stone(3 windows of choice in choice places)]
   door [single fancy door]

-mess hall
   floor [wooden(14x37)]
   walls[stone(24 windows of choice in choice places)]
   door [double door]

-militia outpost (like a barracks)
   floor [wooden(8x8)]
   walls[stone(4 windows of choice in choice places)]
   door [2 double doors one to the north or south and the other to the east or west]

-crafters hut ( everyone with a special craft can do what they want to produce for the storge )
   floor [wooden(10x10)]
   walls[stone(2 windows of choice in choice places)]

the roof is your choice.
do not build more than one building at a time. please build in sections for a large build, not only will it take a long time but the harthlings might stop and not return to the build so please build in small sections.

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build in stages and one at a time.

Thanks @moneybaglets for your answer!

I’ve encountered several problems with adding indoor walls to my building and then putting a roof on top of it. Is there any solution to this problem?

Interior walls are not supported yet in the game :frowning:

ive allways been able to build interior walls but i did on secton a a time

Do you have any videos on how to build by stages, please? I don’t really get what you mean by that.
Also, is it possible that you make a video to show how to make interior walls, please? Thanks a lot! (evn if you decide not to) :stuck_out_tongue:

Link permissions seem off, let me give you some screenshots.

  1. Right click on folder you wish to share
  2. Left Click on Share...
  3. Click on Get shareable link
  4. Ensure that is says Anyone with the link can view
  5. Copy the link there and paste it here.