Way to build rooms in stonehearth with bugs and work around

Continuing the discussion from “Foundation blocks” to erect walls?:

well here is the tutorial with pics to do this

1, first build the floor and erase where you want the walls

2, erect walls and roof place doodads

3, erase floors 2 away from wall on both sides

4, biuld and complete

5, replace floors

here are some bugs that happen due to building

they require scaffolding on base floor not on constructed floor

they build scaffolding on both sides of interior wall but you only see one side unless your in full building view mode even further if you turn the camera the scaffolding will switch to other side at a certain point of view if your not in full building view mode

roof wont be started unless interior walls are constructed on both sides if one side is complete and the other is not in build mode if you rotate the camera the wall will disapear at a certain point of view changing it to preview wall while not in build mode the wall will look constructed from both sides

I believe that’s it


wow, thanks for putting together this visual guide! very clever/helpful! :+1:

Now, the next question… can doors be used on them? Essentially, the walls are actually two built within each other, right?

due to the necessary gap between buildings prevents closed walls although i have placed a door on the inside while in placing doodads but I did not construct it with the door on the inside the base of the door is still ground level but virtually it should work you still have to have the floor connect to each room to make it one building