[Just Got Back Into The Game] I'm just starting to play again and I had no idea how building worked (HELP)

I’m sitting here and building, It says I can’t build here, it puts red blocks and they won’t go away even after I fix it then start the Building. Any fixes?Screenshot%20(10)

Well… Kinda just waited it off and it fixed. Welp, at least I got it fixed.

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Don’t know about the red blocks but for building in general there is a BIG guide here.

I haven’t read it but others have said that it’s good.
There are also old Desktop Tuesdays and streams that talks about it and there’s probably tutorials or let’s plays on youtube. :slight_smile:

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or @Bantos streams :stuck_out_tongue: (these are also nice to watch during dinner or something)


where do i find these ? :jubilant:

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I made a tutorial video on the builder not too long ago, he’s a link to the forum post of it if it would be of any help.

Next to that, quickly looking at your building, the red blocks mean that the hearthlings can’t reach those spots, which makes me think that those blocks reach 2 deep, instead of 1.