[YouTube] Builder Tutorial


Hello Everyone!

So over my time here now I have noticed that some people have some issues with the new builder.
Of course, this is understandeble as it can look rather intimidating.

For this very reason, I decided to make this little video (and perhaps turn it into a series) about how to build in StoneHearth.

In this very video, I will go through the entire builder tool and explain what everything does as I create a little house in one of my cities.

How To Build: Builder Tutorial

Hopefully, this alone will already answer quite a lot of questions and issues people had, but if you have more, do please tell me so I can tackle more of these issues.
In regards of this, think of things you have difficulty building with. Like How to Build a Basement, How to Build a Two Story House, How to Build a Ship, How to Build a Tower, etc. But this can also include issues you have, like it being unsure as to why you get certain errors, and how to fix them.

Besides all of this, I would also like redirect people to a little written guide to the Builder Tool written by Toketsupuurin, which can be found here. He has done some amazing work and if my video goes too quickly, or you can’t understand my accent (which you wouldn’t be the first to…), you can also read it right here!

Hopefully, this helps everyone a bit with the building in this wonderful game!

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