Building/designing tutorial vids

thought to my self, would it not be nice to have a topic for tutorials on designing buildings. Just a place to put down your vids or pics on how you made your schematics. All in the purpose off learning how those epicly nice villages and buildings the stonehearth community makes are created. I hope that allot of stonehearth players contributed to this topic and together we can help new and old players to build better and nicer structures.

To keep this topic clean and sorted i would ask that only buildings and structures that you designed and are buildable are placed here. If you want to show of your town you are better of making a new topic. For building that are not buildable or have issues with scaffolting there is [A16/A17] The buildings my hearthlings will not build (round 2!)
It would be helpfull to supply info like which version did you design it in, how much resource and time it takes to be build, the size of your structure/building.