Building Things

Nothing major or game-breaking, but I found a little something while testing to see if a tavern with separate rooms is able to be built. I seem to have lost the screenshots (print screen does screencap but I have no idea where it goes) but basically what was happening, the walls between the two sections of floor (I have them one block apart and they are connected by a small piece of floor so the wall grows around the whole floor) get built twice.

While I was watching my workers build, I noticed that some of the wall was brighter, like what happens when there are two things in one space, i.e. when you connect the edges of fences. No errors popped up, and they finished the structure wall and all. It’s not necessarily a bad bug, as it adds a little color to the inside of wooden houses and kind of looks like birch wood.

Hi @MyCoal417
The screenshots are saved to a folder called screenshots under the main stonehearth directory. If you are using steam, you should be able to browse local files and see the screenshots folder there.
Let me know if you run into any issues finding them. A picture for this bug would be very helpful!

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Aha! Found them.

There also seemed to be a problem at first with even finishing the planning, because if the roof was a certain way/certain height it would cause an error and be unbuildable. (I also have no doors as this was just a test structure.)