[r256x64] Hearthlings do not build roofs on certain floor plans

If I try to build a house that has a indent in the walls 2 blocks thick, it allows a roof to be generating ontop, but the hearthlings won’t actually construct it to finish the building.

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If I’m not mistaken, only half of the wall is being built as the other half prevents the scaffolding from being made. If you had even just one block more inbetween, this might not be a problem.


This is very noticeable, This is not a game error, this is a user error. (Not being mean here). You built a building that the hearthling’s couldn’t enter, (No door). So they could not finish that wall.

The Hearthling also wont climb up then down to finish that wall only to get themselves stuck, you need that door.

@SteveAdamo this is not a bug


You may have a chance to finish this building if you place ladders on the inside wood pillars and the four around the outside edge. This should allow the path-finding system to keep building the structure.
Good luck.

There is a door on this building, though from the angle you cannot see it very well. So they can enter the inside.

The UI itself gives no indication that the floor plan and the way the walls are generated is incorrect, and will prevent the hearthlings from completing the build. So it is NOT user error. This is a bug that needs to be fixed. Or the UI needs to be designed to prevent such buildings from being constructed in the first place.

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Coasterspaul is correct. The scaff holding was placed in a position where the wall is meant to be built. This prevents the wall from being built in that location. I’ve highlighted the area:

Which is a bug in the AI that builds the houses. Its perfectly acceptable for the hearlthings to place the scaffholding on the other side, but they do not do so.

Okay thanks for the point out. I do see the door now. But I see the with the red box, make things a bit easier to focus on. your right in a sence that they built the scaf over where the wall would be. And thats the problem. Still gonna say not an A.I. bug. Just space out that wall to where they actually build it on the other side (outside of the house). If I remember correctly if you add 2 voxels between those walls, you will still get a solid roof.

soooo… do we still think this may indeed be a bug?

Well I of course leave it up to the developers to determine if its a bug. But I’m going to say that if there are “incorrect” floor and wall plans for buildings, then I think the UI should point those out or prevent them. Kinda like how trapper trap areas are required to be 10x10.

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Well, we have a nice thread for this situations:

it helps to determine which shapes can cause not wanted behaviors, and you can discuss about the limitations of the building tool. Thanks for the feedback :thumbsup:


Hi @Talmien. I totally agree! I’m working on a lot of building improvements for Alpha 10, one of which is changing the way we manage the scaffolding building process. I’ll make sure to try this particular building shape!


Why is this floorplan not built with roof?

…maybe I am missing something?