Hearthlings keep building scaffolding after building is complete

My Hearthlings keep building the scaffolding around completed buildings when I start a new building project but then never take them down.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load my save
  2. Build a building

Expected Results:
I expect the building to be completed

Actual Results:
The take the scaffolding down but when I build a new building they put the scaffolding back up on previously completed buildings.

Download to the save file

Versions and Mods: build 489

System Information:
Intel i5-4570 w/ integrated graphics

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Hey there @sknnywhiteman, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks fro the bug report, and especially for using the template and providing a save game, always helpful :smile:.

No problem. I’m a software engineer so trying to get useful bug report information isn’t a new concept to me. If there’s anything the devs need me to do just let me know. Loving the game so far.

I also noticed that hearthlings will leave raw materials on the roof and never remove them. I have to destroy them in console. I can’t seem to get this 100% reproducible, it seems to be hit or miss.

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You should be able to manually create a ladder to the edge of the roof, and they will retrieve them…I too have seen this (most people who build likely have), and it seems to be related to the Hearthlings trying to work together to build things, but some working a bit faster than others (tear down the scaffolding before the roof is cleared).

I just deleted them manually because it wasn’t worth the effort, lol. That doesn’t seem like too big of a bug. I hope they can figure out the scaffolding problem though.

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I replayed my save and couldn’t get it to happen again. In case the devs are trying to find this bug I found another save where the game seems to think the building isn’t done (as in you can click the building and edit it) but the hearthlings consider it done and wont take the scaffolding down.

Save file

This is essentially what happened in the first save. The building was done a while ago but when I created a new building, they rebuilt the scaffolding around the completed building and then didn’t do anything to it.