Scaffolding wont go away/building not built completedly and now there is a hearthling stuck inside



Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results: building complete and everyone on there way

Actual Results: Hearthling trapped inside + Building no complete in some area



Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:



I dont think they are taking on any feedback about the building system as it stands, they have a new rewritten system being released soon


ok thanks, cant wait to see what those guy do!:grinning:


In my experience if the hearthlings leave the scaffolding when it’s time to tear it down that means there’s prolly a piece in a place they can’t reach. They’ll throw a hissy fit, refuse to work, and organize a strike until ya figure out where exactly that piece is lol. They’re very particular those hearthlings…


Yeah I’ve kinda found that but the thing is they do have it mostly complete besides decorations to be placed once the scaffolding is removed


Sometimes a single ladder can make the lings reach the point they want to work on.
But its not been spotted easily…

Open the console with ctrl-c, select the building and type “ib” (+Enter) for instant-build. Voila, building is finished.

To free a stucked ling open console, select ling, type “reset” (+Enter)
Needs to be repeated till ling is free


or type teleport with the hearthling highlighted.