Scaffolding not being taken down

i made a 2 story custom building and the builders have finished it but they won’t take down the scaffolding making it unusable i am playing on alpha 20 i have included a screenshot of the building

You can destroy the scaffolding via console with the destroy_scaffolding command.
Please go to this thread and post your building template there:

it could be that a ladder or scaffolding is somewhere where your hearthlings do not reach it to tear it down.

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Building buildings next to some sort of wall or edge usually breaks the building process at some point. Does this apply to your situation?

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If it is stopped because it’s on an edge, like @DeMaggo suggested, it’s probably possible to fix it by placing ladders so Hearthlings can reach that lower layer and then one on that edge for Hearthlings to climb up.

This kind(genre) of problem my already to arrive so quite a lot of time, always on buildings(ships) creates by me, I often tried to remove the scaffold but his(her,its) never walk(work). Only one(only) solution it is to destroy the building(ship) and still often he(it) stays of the flying scaffold.

I’d still like to see the devs take a big step and simplify, if not both erecting and dismantling, dismantling scaffolding. The “multi block build” change really made building quicker and more satisfying, so why not tweaking scaffolding too?

I feel like Hearthlings only needing to give a single tap for a single “finished” length of scaffolding to collapse into the ground with smoke etc would not only simplify the end of the building process and speed it up, but also be suitably charming and quirky for the game. This would also feel like a rewarding “unwrapping” of the finished building, as opposed to the scaffolding slowly coming away piece by piece the whole building would be unveiled in a very short time, which would feel cooler IMO.