Scaffolding that won't be taken down

Found a situation where part of the scaffolding can’t be removed. It looks like the problem is with multi-story buildings with a roof on more than one level.

As you can see in the images below, the hearthlings have built the scaffolding up through the lower roof to build the higher wall. But they seem incapable of removing that same scaffolding when the job is done. You’ll note that in the third image, I have a bunch of idle workers and the scaffolding left behind.

For quick duplication, use this building file. It’s the building in the third image. Only uses 1 wooden door and some wood.


Addendum: Just tested in r393 as well. Made same building from scratch. They took down some of the offending scaffolding, but not all. Thought it was fixed already for a second there!

well, a workaround for this is, selecting the scaffolding and then using the destroy command.

Always looked for a workaround for that, thanks!
Selecting the area of the scaffolding placement doesn’t work at all,
and selecting and clicking destroy in the harvest section only calls the selection tool.
Any ideas?

its actually a console command, just like th auto-build one,

  • press the ~ key to open the console.

  • select the scaffolding (i believe you have to have the building editor open to do so)

  • type in destroy

  • press ~ again to close the console.

this should work, as i did it just last night


Thanks again for this info, I would really like to get that to work, but unfortunately I have a QWERTZ-keyboard (German/Austrian layout), so that doesn’t work for me…

Any idea what key that’s for me? If not, @Wiese2007, as you’re from Germany, have you?

I believe for german keyboards it’s a key that looks like an a and e stuck together.

to open the console just use the ö key xD

there no much differenz between the german and the american qwerty keyboard ^^ just the z and y are exchanged and we dont hava a ae because we use umlaute äöü xD and we have € on the keyboard xD

and from which country you are?

Österreich, hab schon in den Übersetzungsthread gepostet :wink:

Although the country should be understandable even for non-german speakers: I’m from Austria.


OTL Whenever I hear Austria I automatically think of Australia. Dang it, why dd we name those two countries with such similar names? It’s bad enough that there’s a state, country and island group called Georgia.


On the most recent version on steam… I am still getting issues with random scaffolding not being deconstructed. Even happens on the buildings that come with the game like the prefab dining hall.

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Yeah I am having the same issue. Hope they fix it soon!!!

i have had to use the destroy i get an error after using it. :frowning:

Be careful when using destroy with things like the scaffolding, it can throw you errors and / or wreck your savefile (with a loop of errors).

Be sure to have a good savefile in case things go wrong. :disappointed_relieved:


My solution is before I build anything I save
Anf see if it leaves anything behind. And if it does I reloadmy justbefore build file and take away the problem area then build lol


This problem has reappeared in the new version when I was trying to build one of my log walls here is the pics

and here is the template for the structure: Dropbox - wooden wall.json - Simplify your life
here is the world save Dropbox - - Simplify your life
@jomaxro this topic should still appear as a bug

I have the same problem, but not with roofs actually. It’s same with placing these single blocks next to a wall. I think the problem lies within the fact that scaffolding isn’t a proper object, like eg items. The single blocks or the walls are just build in the same place as the scaffolding, It’s inside them ._. very ugly. And sometimes parts of it stand out so it just looks like it’s much smaller and isn’t removed.

You can see thehighlighted scaffolding insida a wall here.

@Yncensus: If your question wasn’t already answered, it’s [strg] + [c] for us now :slight_smile: